Goal Setting

I always thought of why everyone thought about goal setting and why it was important to set goals. Will we not reach our destination without any set goals ? I always believed what ever is destined to happen has to happen then why to waste time in setting goals. But now i have really changed my view as goal setting is an important part in career development or personal development. One cannot reach a desired destination without specific goals and planning.

There are lots of articles published online and offline about the necessity to set goals but how many are there who actually set goals and strive hard for it, thinking and concentrating on one specific objective and nothing else. When problems occur over and over again in the path of success a lot of people have the tendency to modify their goal and look for something less which is achievable. Always try for something which is over and above your comfort zone than only you can achieve the unachievable. Our age or educational qualifications will not be a barrier in achieving our goals. If someone without an MBA degree can run a business successfully like Dhirubhai Ambani then anything is possible. Its not the educational qualifications which is barrier to goal setting or our success but our thinking which makes us big or small. I would like to cite a very famous quotation here “ Its your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude”. Just by changing the way we think we can do a lot more than we perceive as possible.

Set a very specific goal and keep yourself motivated everyday by reading motivational quotes and motivational videos. Nothing is impossible. All barriers and glass ceilings exist just in out mind and no where else. It we who impose all sorts of restrictions on us as to what is possible and what is impossible. There is no one else who takes our decisions but we ourselves are responsible for all deeds and actions we take. There are lots of students who just keep on studying without any career goals till they finally think they are employable. These students find it really difficult to adjust anywhere as they have no specific goal.

Have a specific objective and try your best and leave the rest on God as “Man proposes and God Disposes”. That is what i believe. We should try our part and do all we can rest will be happening and a day will come when we all will be living fulfilled life with our achieved goals and set a next one to be achieved.

By Rashmi Priya

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