CalSoft Paper Chennai

Date:08-October-2006 CALSOFT (chennai)
Duration:60 mints BBB (0.25 negative mark for objective questions)


* Analytical-12 questions
* Basic concepts of c\os(13)(not sure in nos..)
* Basic concepts of networking(15)
* Subjective(10)


1. There are four captains a b c d e and their first mates m n and o ,not necessarily in order, ant they have to address a meeting such that each of the captain is followed by his first mate, conditions were given and questions were asked accordingly.
2. The are five ways to reach city x to y, if we have to make a trip from x to x fives times….. (it a reasoning problem- i don remember the remaining part)

3. find X such that 2^x is highest factor in 12^10
a) 12 b)16 c)20) d)24
In 12 factors relating 2 are = 2^2 *3 so in 12 ^ 10 there should be 2 *10 = 20 hence x=20(c)
4. In which of the following equation K is consistent?
a) x+y=1
d) ??
5. Find log 9 base 8 + log (1/7) base…… +log…+log… =???
6. Find the transition in the two figures? a)x1=-1,y1=1 b)x1= - |1| y1 =1… …. ….
7. Find the transition in the below figures

b)x1= - |1| y1 =1…
8. If AAHAAH / JOKE = HA what is the decimal value that relates them?
9. If 7x+11 / x^2 +2x +15 = ….Huh?? fixed x and y ..

Basic concepts of C and OS(13 qs)

* Union ans strut based program.. predict the output
* Bankers algorithm is used for ………….
* Number of nodes in a binary tree…..

Most of th questions are like predicting the output.

Basic concepts of networks(15)

Basic network questions, quite easy,

1. subjective(10)(No Negative marking in this section alone)
2. state the OSI layers in order
3. distinguish between binary tree and graph
4. which can be chosen for multimedia application ? why?
5. write a program for factorial, such that we get inputs from the user.
6. what is priority inversion.



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