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Latest Recent 2010 Wipro Placement Paper Job fair at Sathyabama Univerisity

Hi guys……wipro visited our campus on 6th jan 2010….totally 500 people appeared for the test….finally 90 got recruited thank god i was one among them…
the selection procedure of wipro in campus is as follows…
recruitment process has 3 rounds…
1…online aptitude
2…technical interview
3… personal interview
let me discuss the whole procedure round wise….
(previously it was written type but now they made it online)
online apti has three sections…
a) General aptitude (Quantitative & Reasoning)
b) Verbal
c) Technical
General Aptitude: Very easy if you follow RS Agarwal…questions are simple and not time taking…
key areas to be focussed (for wipro only): blood relations. time and work. time and distance….(these were the areas where questions came for us)
Verbal : this was ok part for me because i am weak in verbal…synonyms jumbled sentences tenses are the important areas..
Technical : as this paper is same for all disciplines of engineering questions are from basic c (like find the out put of…a four line simple code will be given)
Also Unix commands…basics of Unix…basics of computer hardware (once they asked the inventor of mouse and founder of apple so be careful)
WIPRO follows a unique process here in test part….after finishing the test a paper will be given and they ask us to write a essay about the topic given for the paper…10 minutes will be given….don’t scribble something on the paper and give. they take the same paper written by you to technical HR and also personal HR who may ask questions on what you have written
Topic given to us was…”Privatization of Education-Your Comments”
As I have told you earlier that 500 people wrote the test and 250 among them were qualified for technical HR Interview…..
Technical interview started next day morning…..started at 9.00AM and my turn was at 11.30AM……let me speak truth as i felt that this was pure luck….it depends on the panel that you go….for some hrs screwed people with too much technical stuff…where rest others just asked to write a factorial program in c…
My technical interview went as follows :
Me:good morning sir
HR: morning..you are mr.prabodh
me: yes sir..
HR:sit down
me:thank you sir
HR:give me your resume
me:sure sir (gave him my resume)
(he is going through that)
HR:mean while why dont you tell me about yourself
me:started with my name education later my family)
HR:can you tell me oops concepts
me:sure sir…oops concepts are classes objects polymorphism blah blah
HR:good..can you write a program for me to find a factorial of the given number
me:in which language sir(im not sure whether you can ask this question or not)
HR:in c using recursive function
me:(i forgot recursive and wrote normal program using function calls)
HR:explain me how it works take 5 as an example
me:explained very clearly
HR:is this recursive function?
me:no sir
HR:can you tell me the layers of networking (he means to tell the seven layers of network architecture)
me:told him in order
HR:give examples of network layer and transport layer (he means to tell the protocols that falls under those layers)
HR:ok..(took my essay paper and asked some questions on what i have written)
me:answered confidently
HR:good…proceed to HR (gave me one form)
me:thank you sir
Its easy to know whether you have qualified for the next round in wipro…if you pass they will give one form to be filled and submitted in the next round…else no form….
if the first two rounds are cleared third is just a formality unless if you really do bad they wont reject
my interview was at 3:00PM i went inside and greeted him and sat…
just 2 minutes interview….tell me about yourself….my academics were good hence he asked me how you manage to get consistent percentages…tell me about your college that’s it….
results were announced after all were interviewed i.e.. at 8:00PM
150 qualified in second round where 90 were recruited….
my suggestion to all those who attend wipro is…..gud aptitude skills with gud technical basics…and of course luck…..will lead you to wipro…
all the best
Meet you in wipro
Note: In technical interview your resume plays important role….for it branches please be careful in mentioning the areas of interest in your resume for non it branches basics of c is must expected and clear details of your project
In HR interview all the details you fill in the form after technical interview should be correct…

Wipro Placement Paper & Interview

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