Company: 3i Infotech

GD/interview in GD we were 16 people and 7 cleard it, the topic was “indian villages are strength or weekness”, if possible initiate it and pretend to listen others with your some good points without repetation. after that was interview. there were 2 women . they asked

1) tell me about youself with your family bacground
2) what was your projects
3) why shud hire you tell apart from hard working
4)have you passport
5) are you willing to relocate
6) do you know about bond (they tell me)
7) what is OS
8) what is sdlc

and they told me thad result will be declared after 3 moth and they declared after a month… in our orkut community no one selected in 65 people of inteview friend it is a totally cheater. is there nobody who can clear the interview in 65 first what is the mean to take 1500 rs of examination and now it is 2000. there is hardly 500 enough as we fill goverment sector form. on the other hand other software companies do’t take any fee. think if 10000 people appear in exam then there r so buks……it is totally a way of earning……there is no need to appear in this as software industry is facing problem these days, 3i is thinking to stay with this policy. becoz they dont have projects and one more thing as i visit the 3i office in delhi, it was looking like a karkhana…..even my study room is better then this