Company: 3i Infotech

Time Duration:- 90 mins
3 Sections:- Logical Reasoning,Quantitative aptitude,English (50 qn each. Total 150 qns.)

There will be three sections of 50 questions each:
1.Logical Reasoning
2.Quantitative aptitude

GD and interview:
First, i would like to tell you about the GD.
My topic was: “Cricket is a national obsession that is a detriment to other sports”. there were other topics like “should celebrities participate in commercials”.
I was selected in GD.You have to be confident and atleast speak .but never keep mum.. Make one or two valid points.. Do not stick on only one point throughout the discussion..that also matters.. Whether u speak for the topic or against that is immaterial.. if points are good, think that you have cleared your GD. In our batch, out of 12,7 of us were selected…There were some batches in which even 9 were selected..

Interview They asked me:
1.a little bit regarding my academic project..
2.what is sdlc?the steps involved in the same.
3.why are u leaving ur existing company?
4.Family background.
5.Do u wish to relocate?
6.where do u find urself after 3 years from now?
7.what was ur role in the previous company?
8.are u ready to work in any kind of profile?
9.what is IT according to you?