Company: 3i Infotech

I have written the apti on 16th of Sept …the test was scheduled to start at 10 am and it did.

The paper had 3 sections
1) English (verbal)
2) Quantitative Ability
3) Reasoning

All the three sections were easy (as it was supposed to be…since v had only 90 min to answer 150 questions)…but there was negative marking

Make sure you do not have to attempt all the questions (not at all possible)…..just go at all the sections with equal time periods since we have sectional cutoffs…. sectional cutoffs will depend on the individual sections difficulty level….so spending equal time with all the sections would justify the paper….30 min with each section and starting with your strengths would give you loads of confidence and will decide your result..….well now we shall look at the individual sections briefly

1) English (verbal)

It had one Reading Comprehension (10 questions based on it), Grammar (Major part), few synonyms (2), antonyms (4), and one cloze passage (10 blanks).
Overall the section was easy enough to clear the cutoff….just make sure you are getting clear with the grammar concepts before going for the exam (this is the only deciding factor in this section)….cloze passage and RCs would be helpful to clear the cutoff pretty easily (if one is not sure of all the answers in grammar)…..make sure do not spend more then 25 min for answering and 5 min of shading the answers in the OMR sheet…..try to go through all the questions and answer them only if u r confident (a guess here and there can work but majority should be your proper answers)

2) Quantitative ability

This is the section of pure calculations. One need to have good grip on percentages, Time speed and distance, averages, Work and allegations, calculations, little bit of numbers and most importantly DI (data Interpretation)….you get around 3 sets of DI (15 questions) and all are based on pure calculations and observations….please go through all the line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts and all sort of graphs….5 questions were directly on calculations which was the most easiest part of the section…..forgot to tell about the Data Sufficiency (there were around 8 questions)—–difficulty level was very easy…..remember to spend only 30 min for each section
There are sectional cutoffs

3) Reasoning

This section is all about the observation. Please take as many practice test as possible from R.S Agarwal…..this is the lengthiest section (but never mind…everybody has to go with the same kind of questions)…..and also remember one thing we shall not try to attempt all the questions (if u do, it will be a big blunder)…..make sure answer them with care and get it correct the moment you attempt that. Answering few questions with good accuracy would guide you through this section as well as the paper.

Dos and don’ts

1) Take the watch in the examination centre without fail (no cell phones allowed) along with you pencil, pen and eraser.
2) Make sure to take care of time
3) Don’t try to look here and there even if you don’t get any questions (try another question which can get you some very crucial marks for you)
4) Check the question paper thoroughly for the printing
5) Practice prior to the exam will only help you to do the questions fast and correctly (thought the questions will look very easy but the time factor is the only important factor….you may do it correctly if you are give some extra time)….this is the speed test rather than skill test
6) Try to avoid sharing of your stationary
7) Fill your OMR sheet perfectly before starting the exam, so that you may not have to come back to the OMR sheet and check
8) Just try and save as much time as possible and give your 100% in those 90 min. Rest is all in almighty’s hands

I am still awaiting results on 9th Oct ‘ ..Hope I clear the written and go through the group process