Company: Airports Authority of India (AAI)

AAI Manager examination held on October 7th 2012 in Hyderabad,AAI Manager written test consists 60 technical questions Im in cse section I have 60 questions form cse stream wise questions,

HI,I am deepthi.

I have written AAI manager exam on 07/10/2012 In Hyderabad

from cse.Technical :

Got 60 questions:

1) Unix file allocation strategy

2) Functions return address is stored in

3) http default port

4) Internal fragmenttation occurs due to

5) Virtual memory is implemented in

6) Reliable connection oriented protocol

7) Java generates

8) Java is a

9) Which language is used extensively on internet

10) Unix scheduling policy

11) Framing is concept in

12) Routing is main principle of which layer

13) Fork creates how many child processes and how many parent processes

14) Internet control protocol

15) Dynamic data structures are allocated using which memory

16) Primary key allows which values

17) Normalization avoids

18) Oracle uses which data model

19) Risc architecture uses

20) Pentium processor uses which architecture

21) Which os uses client server technology

22) int,intr, which of the interrupts are highly prioritized

23) Nin mark able interrupt

24) rst 7.5 address

25) Which protocol requires web client and web server

26) Which is the universal gate

27) Demorgan law

28) Identify xor operations

29) Xor equation

30) Context switching stores address in which area

31) Define operating system

32) Stack follows

33) Interrupt checking in an operating system is done during which phase

34) Pointers are not used in which language

35) Object is an

36) Process is a

37) Which of the following instructions are executed by os mov,in , out

38) One problem on cyclic redundancy code

39) C impleamts parameter passing mechanism in

40) In a multi threaded environment each thread maintains a seperate

paper was very easy even without preparation y ou can crack the exam