Company: ABB

Hi Friends

I attended ABB last week and the test pattern is as follows:

1) Verbal section – 20 (20 mins): Very easy. No need special preps
2) Analytical – 20 (25 mins): Somewhat tough. Time matters
3) Attention to detail – 15 (15 mins): Easy. Questions like which two are alike
4) Technical – 60 (60 mins): Very tough. Questions from almost every nook and corner of EEE. More questions from switchgears, circuit breakers. etc

The test will be online and there is sectional cut-off. The shortlisted will be called to Bangalore.

More of technical. Be thorough with ur basics like the current eqn in series RLC circuit. Questions may be from anywhere. Prepare ur project and paper well. They asked abt the paper for one hr. Very tricky hr questions will be asked. If u clear this round there will be a psychometric test and hr round again. Not like all other companis.

U should be very formal and prepare well.