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Triad Placement Paper: December 2011:-

Q1. There are three coins of Re. 1, 50 ps, 25 ps having ratio of 13:11:3. The total sum of money is 77, then find out how many rupees 1 coins is there?
ANS: 52

Q2. A millionaire bought a job lot of hats 1/4 of which were brown. The millionaire sold 2/3 of the hats including 4/5 of the brown hats. What fraction of the unsold hats were brown?
a) 1/60 b) 1/15 c) 3/20 d) 3/5 e) 3/4 
ANS: c) 3/20

Q3. An investor purchased shares of stock at a certain price. If the stock increased in price Rs 0.25 per share and the total increase for the x shares was Rs 12.50, how many shares of stock had been purchased?
a) 25 b) 50 c) 75 d) 100 e) 125
ANS: b) 50

Q4. Between 100 to 200, how many number are divisible by both 3 and 2 (100,200 are inclusive)?

Q5. A man traveled a certain distance at the rate of 15 miles an hour and came back at the rate of 10 miles an hour. What is his average speed?
ANS:12 miles an hour

Q6. 9C2 + 9C3 +10C4=? 
ANS: 11c4

Q7. How many two digit number you make by 1,2,3,4,0?
ANS: 6 because 0 is not in the 10th place.

Q8. A merchant sells an item at a 20 percent discount. But still makes a gross profit of 20 percent of the cost. What percent of cost would be gross profit on the item have been if it had been sold without the discount?
a) 20% b) 40% c) 50% d) 60% e) 66.6%
ANS: c) 50%

Q9. My mother gave me money to buy stamps of price 2paisa, 7 paisa,15 paisa, 10 paisa and 20 paisa. I had to buy 5 each of three types and 6 each of the other 2 types. But on my way to the post office I forgot how many of stamps of each type were to be brought. My mother had given me rupees 3. So I had no problem in finding out the exact amount of each one. Can you tell me which stamps were 5 in number and which were 6 in number?
ANS: 5 stamps each of 2paisa, 7 paisa, 15 paisa.

Q10. 10^23-7 is divided by 6, remainder is?

Q11. How many integers n greater than and less than 100 are there such that, if the digits of n are reversed, the resulting integer is n+9?
a) 5 b) 6 c) 7 d) 8 e) 9 
ANS: d) 8

Q12. Find the output for the following C programint x=5;y= x&y

Q13. What is the output of the following program?main(){int i;float *pf;pf = (float *)&i;*pf = 100.00;printf( %d, i);}
a) Runtime error.b) 100c) Some Integer not 100d) None of the above
ANS: d) None of the above

Q14. Find the output for the following C program
Y=10;if( Y++>9 && Y++!=10 && Y++>10){printf(%d, Y);elseprintf(%d, Y);}
ANS: 13

Q15. Find the output for the following C program
int i =10main(){int i =20,n;for(n=0;n<=i;){int i=10;i++;}printf(%d, i);
ANS: i=20

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Triad Placement Paper

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Triad was established in 1998 in Chennai, India with a singular goal – to create a niche for ourselves in the engineering software and product design space using innovative products that are developed in India but marketed globally. Twenty years later, it is fulfilling to see that goal come to fruition…and thriving.

Triad is a software development outsourcing company. We specialize in custom software development and setting up of dedicated software development centers. Our mission is “To provide high quality software solutions on time and within budget”.

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