Company: ACC Limited

ACC model Quantitiative aptitude reasoning and technical questions with answers

1. One inch equal to how much mm?
a) 25.4
b) 254
c) 2.54
d) None of these

2. One kW equal to …. H.P.?
a) 122
b) 1.47
c) 1.37
d) None of these

3. If drive pulley with 2″ diameter rotates at 1440 rpm, then driven pulley with 4″ diameter will rotate at …. rpm?
a) 1440
b) 2880
c) 144
d) 720

4. If H.P. of a motor is fixed, the relation between torque & rpm will be:
a) Torque will never change with change in rpm
b) Torque will change proportional to rpm
c) Torque will change universally proportional to rpm
d) None of the above

5. If one cubic meter of cement equal to 1440 kg, then density of cement will be
a) 1.440
b) 14.40
c) 144.0
d) 1440

6. In a concrete cantilever beam, the reinforcement should be…… to take the tension
a) in the neutral axis
b) bottom layer
c) top layer
d) None of these

7. Point of contraflexure means
a) where shear force is zero & bending moment is max
b) where bending moment is zero & shear force is max
c) where shear force & bending moment both are max
d) None of the above

8. Frictional force will increase with increase in
a) Size of the bodies
b) Contact area between two bodies
c) Co efficient of friction
d) None of the above

9. In two stroke diesel engine……
a) inlet valves are used
b) inlet ports are used
c) None of the above

10. Relation between BHP (Brake Horse Power), IHP & FHP (Frictional HP) is
a) BHP = IHP + FHP
b) IHP = BHP + FHP
c) FHP = IHP + BHP
d) None of the above

11. Column with following cross section is having maximum resistance against buckling failure (considering cross sectional area are same for all)
a) Circular
b) Square
c) Rectangle
d) None of the above

12. In a pipeline water is flowing & if we suddenly reduce the diameter, the velocity will increase & pressure will….?
a) No relation with cross sectional area
b) Remain same
c) increase
d) decrease

13. In a lathe machine, lead screw is used for
a) cutting gear
b) turning of shaft
c) cut the key slot
d) cut the thread

14. Unit of vibration is……?
a) Volt
b) Hertz
c) Gallon
d) None of the above

15. In air conditioning, the comfort level increases with…..
a) Decrease in humidity
b) Decrease in temperature
c) Decrease in dust content
d) All of the above

16. Dry bulb temperature & wet bulb temperature are same when
a) Humidity is 0%
b) Humidity is 50%
c) Humidity is 100%
d) None of the above

17. Carburetor is used in
a) Modern diesel engine
b) Petrol Engine
c) Cole Engine
d) None of the above