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Accenture Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Accenture services

Accenture Latest Placement Paper Pattern SJBIT, Bangalore : September 2010

Company Name : ACCENTURE
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hello people, I recently attended ACCENTURE interview n wud lik to share my experience… It was a pool camp in SJBIT, BANGALORE. Im from CS branch..There were more than (appx) 5000+ students(dono exact no).Finally appx 600+ cleard….After some document verification 1st round was started..

There were 4 rounds:
1.Aptitude:English grammar,quantitative, subtitution of symbols,essay

In detail….

1.Aptitude: There were some 4 fill in the blanks(very easy),2-3 synonyms,then 2 reading the passage.

1 long(topic:hologram), 1 short( topic was pattern recognition)..then there were some 4 more grammatical questions. Im not an expert in english but still believe me this will be very easy only thing is u shd revise parts of speech.. i used school std grammer buk..then comes aptitude(i seriously hate it) but still it was easy.. use r.s Agarwal its gud.. q’s were from ages, alligation n mixtures,probability,venn diagrams, family relations(2-3 q’s were ther),calender,clocks n some more topics. Then comes the most easiest part odd man out…ex: question wud be….
a) 1284566678
n ask u whtr they r similar or not or if 2 r similar.. something like dis…ul get 5 q’s of this type.
then a puzzle giving many relationship then ask u 2 do some calculation(time consuming) then symbol subtitution in wch u wud get smethin like…if + is %,- is # then a#(b%d(f#g)) where a,b,d,f,g are so n so…


Finally an essay to be written in 5 min.. my topic was Indian politics. Try to put some saying here and ther, n write some gud points i.e u need not write unnecessarily 1 full page..evn if u write half a page tat shd b effective..…then u can easily clear …n eassy topic vl b tld at d end..

Our test began at 9.25 it was for 1 d end thy gav essay topic wch was for 5 min.Later v were askd to wait 4 some time.. thy announced the result around 12:30. Appx 90 cleared out of 300 in my test room.

I was one among thm… I was happy bt tensed abt GD.

Nxt thy divided us in group of 12-15.

Group discussion:
Initially I was bit nervous but later gained confidence…
Topic was “STUDYIN IN INDIA VS ABROAD” . Dam good topic..since I had gathered a lot of info abt dis.. dis became my favorite discussion. One thing I must say tat accenture HR was vry vry gud..i really felt comfortable in tat gup.. one imp thing u shd nt interrupt othr wen dey r telling something..and every 1 will get a fare chance to say.. bt don’t wait for d chance try to get tat chance…DON’T PANIC IT VL B EASY IF UR CONFIDENT….discussion was for 15 min..

Later results were announced… I was one among thm…I was vry happy as I tot gd vl b d mst difficult part… thn I became bit more confident….was vry happy…it was around 1:30.

Nxt 2 round were thr nxt day………
Document verification….
All semester marks card, id , resume…

I was waiting 4 dis 4m 8am to 11am……long wait.. thn technical…

Technical: I was ready to face any thing as I had tough time in earlier interviews… so I prepared really hard bt still I didn’t have any expectation … so I was cool …. I was called inside at 12.45pm I guess..
ME: Excuse Me Sir..
HE: ya come in..,latr he askd me to sit..
ME: thank u..
HE: Tell me abt urslf..
HE:saw my resume n askd abt operating sys…diff b/w DOS,LINUX,WINDOWS…
HE:abt project..
ME: tld.. bt I felt he didn’t understand it clearly coz my project was bit complicated..thn I tried my bst to convince him. Finally he was convinced… don’t get scared vth thr reactns.. thy vl chk ur confidence…so its vry imp to b confident…
HE: few q’s on my favorite sub..
HE: askd abt few doc tat was missin..
ME: Tld d reason 4 missin doc..
HE:ok thank u..
ME:thank u sir.. n left…

For few of my frnd thy askd 4m c++,java…. Basics r vry imp…

Later i was waiting out 4 long time… I was feelin hungry bt thy didn’t allow us any was around 4pm thy calld me 4 HR round..till tat I didn’t no tat I was in… I MUST SAY.. PPL AT ACCENTURE ARE REALLY COOL ….MY TECHNICAL INTERVIEWER WAS REALLY GUD…


At dis point I had some expectations..i wantd to clear somehow.. so I was thinking possibl q’s n answerin to myself…
Later thy calld me…

ME: Excuse me sir
HE: ya come in,pls sit down
ME: tq
HE:abt urslf..
ME: tld..
HE: any negative points in u…??
ME: no..n explaind y no – pts… he was convinced.. I was happy.
HE: y shd I select u ?
ME: tld..he was impressed..
HE: Wud u lik to relocate..
ME: tld..
HE: Any offers in hand?
ME: tld..
HE: wud u lik to work in any technology?
ME: tld
HE:wat wud u lik to chg in ur past..
HE:thnk u..
ME: thnk u..

I was quiet confident imp thing don’t wear heavy or big earing.. n dress code is imp.. avoid loss hairs..

It was 5pm … v were waiting 4 d result..thn at 6:45pm thy tld us d result.. 600+/5000+ cleared appx…I was one among thm.. I was vry happy tat ppl who were thr in my gd room all had cleared… thy gav us d offer letters at 7pm…. All d best guys… Hope dis vl b useful…Be confident..u will surely clear… Do post ur comments guys

Accenture Placement Paper & Interview

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