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Hai Friends, I am Naresh Gurram & I am B.Tech(EEE) 2007 passed out std (SBIT,Khammam,AP). I attended a off-campus recruitment of Accenture in HKBK college of eng. Bangalore ..That day Merittrac people conducted only written test due to lot of crowd . I heard that no.of registered are around 7,000 on the day for the test.

In the test at the end we have to write the essay also. Here I am giving qus which I remembered .

Test consists of 3-sections as usual & sectional cut-off is there, those are
1. verbal
2. Aptitude
3. Analytical
Written test (Conducted by Merit Trac) & Essay (about ur college life)

This section consisted of simple english ques…just read with concentration and u will get the answer soon though the options . There are two unseen passages under those there are qus, friends don’t read entire passage it will take lot of time, go through qus and u can easily ans those from passage i remember are

1. _____his vacation,he trekked ____ the hills and walked _____ the river.

and some similar options..well i chose the first one….next 4 ques were same filling in the blanks type.. then next 3 included synonyms

others word ws enjoined…it was in sentence form…i ll say these are also easy ones not the tough ones.thos type included round bout 4 questions..

Due to his versatile qualities, Mohan was able to do all types of jobs quite easily.
Ans: Flexible

There are____ poems which are written by _____people is filed as one of __best poems .
Ans: The, the, the

After there were two passages answers were given in passage.u need not to read the whole passage.just read the ques first and then answer it.

1st Passage was “Lan & Wan”

The verbal section is easy but a bit confusing do carefully.


This section consists of ven diagrams ,direction related qus , and some arithmetic qus these are also time consuming qus practice is only the solution to ans easily . some qus are

21.In a class of 36 students, 20 students know English,8 know both Hindi & English, 6 don’t know both the languages then find how many students know hindi ?


22.A group of 100 stud appears for two tests,maths & science,74 std passed in maths ,76 std passed in science & 60 std passed in both. Then find how many std are failed in both sub?

23.In a library 2/3rd of people have books, 12 have magazines, 6 have magazines & books and 2 are just observing the people then find total members in the library?

24.In a ground , 40 can play football ,25 can play cricket, 15 can play both, find the total no. of players in the ground in which each one can play atleast one game.

25.bassed on same, some percentages are given instead of numbers.

26.based on same,

27.In a room 4 persons are there like A,B,C,D. A is at east of B,B is at north of C, C is at west of D, and D is at south of A,then how C is directed to A?

28.A man traveled 10km in the south direction, turn left and traveled 4km,turn left & traveled 4km, now turn right and traveled 4km& stopped his journey. Then what is the shortest distance b/w start position & end position (in km).

29.A man got a prize, Shinha is pointing to the man and is saying “he is brother of my uncle’s daughter” then how shinha related to th man?

a. brother
b. brother-in-law
c. cousin

30. based on same

31-35Q are based on data sufficiency.

Two sentences are given below. Mark the answer according to the following:

A- If only FIRST sentence is required to verify the sentence

B- If only SECOND sentence is required to verify the sentence

C- If both FIRST and SECOND sentence are required to verify the sentence

D- Cannot be verified even if both sentences are considered


31.A boy has total of Rs.4 in 1Rupee& 50 paisa coins .

I- He has total of 5 coins

II- He has 1 Rupee coins more than 50 paisa coins

32.Is 1/a+1/b = 8 ? (a,b are whole no )

I- a is a positive integer

II- b is any no the same

36-40Q are based on reasoning, ie some data is given and some conditions are given . Based on this we have 5qns are given, this part I feel tough.


This section very easy for anyone, no pen work is required even some qus are like as following,

Mark the answers according to the following:
A- If all the three options match
B- If FIRST and SECOND options match
C- If FIRST and THIRD options match
D- If none of the three match

41.Verify the following

Ans: C

42. 1.aaabbabbacca 2.aaabbabbacca 3. aaabbabbacca

43. 1.1896.5738491023 2.1896.5783491023 3. 1896.5738461023
Ans: D

Like another one

these ques are also easy..they consume very less time and need no pen work.

45- Q.50 were also a bit easy and were of two types:

Example of type 1:

45.If * means +, + means -, – means / and / means *, then what is the value of- 9+4-4*7/22+3
a. 149

46. If +means*,- means /, * means -, / means +,then find 4*15-3/9+2 ?

47-50.In the following which is true

47. * means +, + means -, – means / and / means *,then whish is true in the following.
a. 7+6/5-4*2=23

These qus are easy but time consuming. Be cautious on these

51-55 qus are based on reasoning

some data is given & with some conditions we have to solve the qus this is also a bit confusing. But easy.

Friends we can solve most of the qus with out pen work but those qus related with puzzles confusing , so do with at most concentration then u’ll get though it & though Accenture.

All the Best and do well practice more problems before take the test.

All the best once again.


Accenture services Placement Paper

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