Company: Accenture services

As you all know it consists of four rounds or three rounds

1. Written test

2. GD (may or may not be based on their requirement)

3. Technical HR

4. HR round

Written test:

Written consists of three sections

You will be in hope this will help you for your interview

Then verbal:

Then one girl from merit trac came asked me to wait in a room if they asked to wait

means I conformed my self that im selected.

Then merit trac people asked me to wait in the hall if they to wait that means you are cleared the round then he shoold consult managind director then he shold consult chairmen Then for next 5 questions they’ll give data like

Then after some time they declared officially and we were give letter of intents

Then 5 questions on operators like + stands for -, /stands for * , * stands for/like this Technical HR:

Remember there is huge cut-off aroung 35

* Prepositions

Out of 303, 173 are selected in my college and we are asked to come to mjcet on next

day for GD and interviews in morning.

One thing should be remembered is whatever you tell tell confidently and with a smile on


Me: Yes sir (he gave me write I had it and gave back)

Me: Yes sir India level the series with sa in sa and told some info about the India vs sa


Me: Yes sir I prepared for interview C

Me: Yes sir

Me: Wrote small programme

Me: Told weke pedia data.

Me: Told my fmly back round and nee dfor it

Me: Told about some robotics programme

Me: Told about revenue assets, operating income and all

Me: Thank you sir nice meeting you I gave shake hand

Me: Started with hobbies (I didn’t cmpleted )

Me: Sir in my interview college they conc more on ipe than eamcet

Me: Sir im iterested in it I took ECE because I have more oportunities as soon as I

complete my Engg

Me: No Sir

Me: Nice to meet you sir.

Me: Ok sir (left)

Me: Just say, yes

Me: I told that I didn’t clear interview in CTS and, written in Infosys

Me: Fine Sir.

Me: Excuse me sir.

Me: Didn’t tell any thing I kept silence

Me: 10329 sir

Me: No sir I’m from ECE

Me: Told about blue tooth and how to make a call like this big data is given don’t hesitate

to read data and don’t make flukes because its very once you read or else read

questions 1st then search for answer in given data.


In rest of ten question you will asked on

In resoning first five questions like

IIII. If he not fills all he should not be appointed

III. If he fills all he should be appointed

II. If candidate has age 22 on December 22, 1976, 40% in written, 50% in written

and done diploma if some day friday are hen some day what day

I. If candidate has age 22 on dec 22 ,1976,40%in written,50% in written and not done diploma I don’t remember all questions but don’t make flukes its easy like

HR: So your from CSE right

HR: Don’t worry about about your english we are liking for guys who are hard working,and based on your study back ground I think your hard working

HR: Yeah coming sit down I’m xxxxx nice to meet you

HR: Why your coming to it

HR: Why you lost it

HR: Why?

HR: Tell me what do you know about Accenture.

HR: Nice meeting you to

HR: Ok, India achieved a feet yesterday in cricket do you know what it is

HR: Ok, tell some thing in your favourite subject which is to interest you and me

HR: Ok, if you got Accenture what it means to you?

HR: Ok, why Accenture

HR: Ok, your from ECE I’m not expecting you to know programming languages

HR: Ok, tell me about your career plans, goals, hobbies?

HR: Ok, create an array for me of any size

HR: Ok, boy im done with you do well in next interview

HR: Impressed, do you got any other offer

HR: I’m week in english sir thats y didn’t clear verbal section of Infosys and in CTS

interview they asked me in aec subject sir in which I’m not interested

HR: I’m done with you wait for your status

HR: Hi Praveen how are you?

HR: He saw my resume and asked what is your eamcet rank

HR: Don’t call me sir my name is xxxx call me xx

HR: Do you know any programming language?

HR: Asked some data will you able to: relocate, night shifts, any domain, select 3 cities you want to work

HR: Are you team player tell me an instant you did it

HR: Are you thirsty if you? I have some water