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ACCENTURE services

Accenture Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Accenture services

We had the written exam on 19th aug 2007, it was an offcampus recruitment, around 8000+ students appeared for the test…
out of which 1800 were shortlisted for further rounds…

The written consists of three section :-
1) English

In English section there were questios like, fill in the correct preposition
Ex:- He kept quiet as he was afraid of being laughed_________ a.on c. upon. d. into
The correct option is b.
Then there wer questions like fill in the correct articles…
Ex:-I kept ________glass of juice on the table a.)the b)a c) an d) no article required

other questions wer to find the synonym of the given word here also 4 options wer given (very easy) then there were 2 passages.. first one is always easy u can find the ans directly in the passage without reading it fully.. the second passage is based on understanding answers and not direct but its also easy….

In Aptitude section there are 5 questions on venn diagram, some on set theory, ages, blood relation, data sufficiency, ranking, ques on probability, and if * means 0 and $ means 1 then what’s the value for 256*7+8 there wer 5 such questions easy but time taking… just go through R.S agarwal then this section will be a child play 4 u…

In Analytical there wer question like some conditions were given and based on that 4-5 questions were there…
then if * represents + ,+ means -, – means/, then wats the value of the following expression.. there were 4-5 such questions

These questions are time taking I solved 2 of them in rest 3 I made wild guess…

Its very easy to crack the test just the important thing is proper time management as u have to do 55 ques in 60 mins…first solve those ques which u can do fast and perfectly and then attempt rest. doing this u will find dat u’ve attempted 33-35 question in just half of time..(i did the same)

Chapters to be done-blood relation, data sufficiency, ratio prop., percentage, ranking, sitting arrangement, boats and streams, trains, time and distance, time and work, venn diagram from R.Sagarwal.. try analytical reasonin based question 4m any MBA book…..remember friends written is “verrrryyyyy easyy…”

Then there is a GD round they asked us to decide the topic but since they wernt satisfied with the topics we gave… they gave us “Is the economic or financial position effecting the judicial decision Today?”

Then he gave us 1 min to think over it… he told us he was looking for communication skill, thought process, how u deal with ur group.

U always get bonus point for starting the discussion…dont panic if u dont start u just hav to be confident and fluent in English…even if u dont know topic too well dont remain dumb speak wrong but confidently and fluently… these people are very particular abt fluency in English

After that there was HR round..they ask abt company and general ques like why Accenture??? so go prepared
we were not given any ppt so better gather the info abt Accenture urself from sites and go prepared. I was asked top 3 IT companies.

Then I had Technical round
Sir:- Hello, had a long day 2day??
ME:- (with a smile) Yes sir…
Sir- Tell about urself
ME:- I told abt my education journey till now
Sir:- So u’re a CS student.. write a program 2 chk if a no. is prime or nt
ME: Did it
Sir:- Make it more efficient
ME:- Did it
Sir:- Write program on polymorphism
ME:- On java???
Sir:- Any language….u know java??(he was impressed)
ME:- I showed him overloading….
Sir:- Wat are the layers of tcp/ip protocol
ME:- Told
Sir:- (with a smile) ok u can leave
ME:- Thank you sir, have a nice day (with a smile)
Some friends of mine were asked questions on s/w engineering….testing, sdlc…etc. so go prepared

VERY IMP NOTE** its NOTHING that droppers are not selected…this is a huge misconception people have about Accenture….many
of my friends didn’t even appear 4 test ‘coz of it. I am also a dropper and is selected in Accenture


Accenture Placement Paper & Interview

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