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Accenture services Placement Paper

Company: Accenture services

I got placed in Accenture on 18th Aug 2007 in Chandigarh Engg College, Chandigarh. If u r well focussed in each n every round u can get through..Around 5000 appeared 4 the test…828 cleared it…422 appeared 4 the interview nd 214 were finally selected.

I strongly believe that confidence marked by good communication skills is what Accenture people are looking for.

Accenture placement process consists of 4 rounds.
1).Written Test(with an essay)
2).Group Discussion
3).PPT 4 gd cleared.
4). i) HR/Technical interview
ii) HR/Technical interview


It comprised of 55 questions each of 1 mark…..The paper designed by Merittrac, was categorised into 3 sections. Although,
there is no sectional cut-off. The cut -off during our time was 34. I managed 2 get 45 correct.

The three sections were:
1.General English
It included simple questions on articles,prepositions etc…nd 2 comprehensions (2 technical passages here)

2.Quantitative+Reasoning questions
It consisted of basic probability, blood relations, position (standing 4th from left …)etc..type questions.

3.Concentration questions
Questions like match the the mathematical figures given,* is replaced by / like questions..5 questions were based upon finding out whether a person will be selected 4 this job depending upon certain prerequisites.

So, if plan ur time nd concentrate well, u can clear the written. After our written test, they told us to write an essay on “career in accenture”. I just explained what are the core values of this company nd why a fresher like me should prefer joining accenture.


We were divided into groups of 12. In my group, all 12 were girls out of 4 (including me) were selected. The moderator said he will select on the basis of comm skills, thought process, nd audibility of voice. In the beginning he told us to jot down points in favour nd against for the topic “How much India has changed since u hv taken birth”. After a minute or two, he said that there is a surprise 4 u. The topic is changed to “Should women be given employment in IT sector”. He divided us into 2 groups : FOR ND AGAINST.

After few minutes the 2 gps had to present reverse views.
I gave 2 points in the middle. In the end, he gave a chance 2 speak to those who hd spoken less. I was also called 4 so. I gave Kiran Majumdar’s example nd got selected. The results were declared by the moderator himself at the end of GD.

Other topics were bascis regarding IT sector nd general topics. The Meritrac team announced that there will b two interviews both can be hr /technical or combi of both.


My first interview happened 2 be a Technical one. I was asked 2 questions regarding C (since I m frm ECE)…the questions were relating to pointers nd files. Abt files i didn’t know. I plainly admitted that i dont know abt that. He then gave me a puzzle regarding distance -time. I solved that correctly. That ended my technical interview. The Coordinator gave me the result outside saying all d best 4 the next interview.(ii) HR/TECHNICAL INTERVIEW
This Interview was purely HR taken by a lady HR.
1.Introduce urself.
2.Family background.
3.Top 3 IT companies in India
4.Why Accenture?
5.Ur hobbies

It lasted for 4/5 minutes. The Coordinator was handed the result nd he gave me the good news that I hv been selected. The Offer Letter was given to 214 students finally nd I feel myself privileged to get selected in an MNC like ACCENTURE.

Gagan JayJee

Accenture services Placement Paper

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