Company: Accenture

Hi Guys,
I am Roshan Tiwari from Anand Engineering College, Agra got placed in Accenture drive on 17th and 18th Sep 2010 in SJBIT,Bangalore one of my dream company it was a great day for me and that was my day.

There were 3000+ students after aptitude and GD there were 250 (Huge cut here).

Finally selected 150

There were 4 rounds

Aptitude test conducted by meritrack people(Elimination Round):

Questions = 55 ; time limit = 60 minutes along with that an essay to write in the same sheet in another 10 minutes. No sectional cut off, no negative marking. Offline (paper & pen) test

3 Questions on fill in the blank preposition.

4 Questions on Articles

3 Questions on synonym

2 Questions of antonym

10-15 Questions on Maths aptitude

10 Questions Attention on details etc.

Or * is +, + is /,/is+ and – is * then what is the value of 16*2+5-7

Write essay carefully bcoz in HR round they will read your views.

My topic was “Indian education system”.

GD (Elimination Round):

There were 12 in my group HR told us to choose the topic within 1 min then he gave us 1 min to note down your view.

Then he told to Start. Our Topic was “Uniform should be there in professional colleges or not”.

One guy started the GD but he just spoke 2-3 point with low confidence and somewhat irrelevant or very normal only that guy was not selected so only 1 rejection in my group.

In other groups there were more rejections.

So please if you are gonna start the GD please give relevent point with confidence other wise please don’t start
I told 3-4 points like Uniformity, Team Spirit and about personality traits and how they are related to uniform. Every one given the same points but mine Personality traits point HR liked very much and he had been already ticked my name.

On next day they told us to come with 2 photocopies of each of the original certificate and identity Proof Likes PAN card or Driving License or Voter ID or College ID etc. They give Accenture employment form please fill it correctly and carefully because HR and TR will ask question about your background like where you belong and questions about your city and all.

Some students got TR first and some got HR first.

I got my HR first

HR round:

HR(Not an elimination round but some rejected in this round)

Luckily who was the judge in my GD that same person was there for my HR round

He was very friendly

ME: May I come in sir(with smile remember smile on your face means you are confident it may be fake but keep smiling).

HR: Yes please and take your seat.

ME: Thank you sir. Good After noon Sir(with smile).

HR: Good after noon ok roshan where r you from

ME: I’m from Jalaun

HR: Where is this Jalaun.

ME: Sir it is in Uttar Pradesh, nearby Jhansi.

HR: OK OK I got it(I thought that still he got or not that where is jalaun).Tell me something about urself

ME: Told

HR: What are your hobbies(I forgot to tell earlier)

ME: Sir watching movies, online gaming and reading books

HR: Ok, what type of movies you like.

ME: Sir mostly Hollywood ( guys I am sick for movies)

HR: Which is your favourite movie.

ME: 300(Spartans) when I told Spartans he got it and said ok ok.

HR: Any Bollywood movie

ME: I told chupke chupke(1975) very funny movie of Dharmendra and amitabh.

HR: Ok what type of books.

ME: Books likes which have motivation or humour like Robin Sharma’s THE GREATNESS GUIDE, Chetan bhagats nobel(I have read 3 out of 4) and currently reading FINANCIAL EXPERT of R K NARAYN.

HR: So you like things which have motivation

TR: Yes sir but along with humour also.

HR: Ok which game you like most.

ME: I told UNO(Facebook: I was over excited so HR smiled a bit)

HR: Ok what is different in this that u like so much.

ME: Sir in this game you can play and at the same time you can chat with different people around the world (I forgot the tag line of this game easy to pick up but hard to put down)

HR: Who motivates and why.

ME: Sir lord Krishna because he has 6 opulence’s then I said sir I’ m not trying to emulate him

HR: He said ok ok no problem just tell the qualities u like.

ME: Sir he is wealthiest, most beautiful, greatest renunciator, most famous, most knowledgeable and strongest.

HR: Ok tell me about your family background.

ME: Told

HR: Are you ready for night shift.

ME: Yes sir absolutely with smile (they never give you work at night but just they are checking your willingness towards work)

HR: You can work on any technology.

ME: Yes sir.

HR: Do u know there is a bond of 1 year.

ME: Yes sir I know and I’m ready to sign it.

HR: Any work relocation preferences.

ME: No sir I can work anywhere in India and abroad.

HR: Ok I’m telling you the name of cities where you have to work in India

Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Chennai

ME: Sir I can work anywhere.

HR: Ok Ok but tell your preferences

ME: Ok sir 1 bangalore 2 pune 3 hyderabad 4 mumbai 5 chennai 6 gurgaon

HR: Why Gurgaon at last it is near to your home.

ME: I think that if I’m away from home then I can give my best. Because my friends continuously travelling to home who are working in Delhi or Noida..

HR: Ok now what you have written in your essay (He smiled a bit while he was reading my essay I understood that he liked it) then he asked who said this GO BEHIND EXCELLENCE THEN SUCCESS WILL BE URs.


HR: Smiled and said ok you see movies much.

ME: yes sir.

HR: Roshan where do you see 5 years down the lane.

ME: Told (at middle level management and progressing towards higher level management and blah blah).

HR: Ok which are the top IT companies of India

ME: TCS, Infosys (some guys included ACCENTURE then HR told them Accenture is not one of the top IT company in India so be honest whatever it is)

HR: Ok Ok are you ready for your background check.

ME: Absolutely sir no problem.

HR: Roshan you have an increasing graph like in 10th 69.33 in 12th 75.20 and in B.Tech 77.62 .

1 in a 100 student have profile like this so what motivated you to do so.

ME: Sir when I came than saw that race is going on (like 3 idiots) and blah blah and my from UP board Hindi Medium. etc etc

HR: What do you know about Accenture.

ME: Told ( I have already read from wikipedia about Accenture)

HR: Ok Roshan thank you.

ME: Thank you sir.

Coordinator told me to wait outside who so ever got rejected told to leave for the day immediately

Then there was technical round after 1 hour of HR

Technical HR who was very friendly

Technical Round:

ME: May I com in sir(with smile).

TR: Yes please and take ur seat

ME: Thank you sir. Good Evening Sir(almost It was evening).

TR: Good evening ok Roshan tell me about your self.

ME: Told

TR: Where is this jalaun.

ME: Again I told in same way as in HR

TR: Tell me about your project.

ME: Told

TR: You have done BSc (I did BSc one year and left that for engineering entrance preparation)

ME: Yes sir when I was preparing for engg entrance

TR: You have % of 47.77.

ME: Yes sir

TR: So since how long time you are here.

ME: Sir since 3 months.

TR: You didn’t get any job yet.

ME: No sir I didn’t get any job (please even if you have offer letter from other company please don’t say about that otherwise you are digging your own grave)

TR: Then he asked why?

ME: I don’t know sir may be my communication skills was not very good while I was answering he was busy in seeing my resume but I didn’t stop and told that I know sir it is bad for me but I’m working on it.

TR: Ok Roshan thank you (I was surprised no technical questions and I’m nervous that what will happen).

He told me to wait outside.

ME: Ok sir thank you sir good day sir (even your entering and walking style is checked so be careful).

After 2 minutes coordinator told me that I have cleared this round and told me to wait where all selected candidates were waiting

I was in the 7th heaven and very happy

After 2 hous when each student finished their all rounds there was a cross checking done by meritrack people about %age, GAP in Education, year of passing etc etc

They rejected 4 students in cross verification.

At that time all are afraid that may be they will reject most of us because we were 150 there

But after 10 minutes one senior HR came and told

You want your offer letters

We all screamed in unison yes sir

He told ok wait

Then they came up with a bundle of Offer letters called name one by one we filled our offer letter details (there were 2 copies 1 for us and 1 for Accenture)

And finally got offer letter. So please be confident and honest never try to bluff them they are very smart

Please be your self and success will be yours

See you in Accenture

Roshan Tiwari

[email protected] (for any further queries)