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Accenture Placement Paper Technical Paper Delhi, 2009

1. * = +, / = *, + =- , – = /
2/9*11+10- 8
A) 20.8
B) 27.8
C) 27.8
D) 25.8
3. ——stores a log of changes made to db, which are then written to _,which are then written to _,which is used if db recovery is necessary.
a) db buffer share pool

b) program global area,shared pool

c) system global area,large pool

d) redo log buffer,online redo log

4. —-means allowing objects of difference types to be considered as examples of a higher level set :

ans: Generalization

5. The primary characteristic of key field is that it must be
Ans: unique

6. If a member initialiser is not provided for a member object of a class .The object – is called

a) static fn

b) non static fn

c) default constructor

d) none
7. class constest



const int i;



8. Inheritance

b) abstract base class

c) specifies a way to to define a const member data

d) none

9. Implement polymorphism when by object belonging to different class can respond to the same message in different ways.

a) late binding

b)dynamic binding

c) dynamically created object

d) virtual fun

10. Member function———- and ———– set and reset the format state of flags.

a) set,reset

b) set,get

c) set, unset

d) set ,unsetf
11. #include

struct abc


int i;

abc(int j)

{ i=j;}


void display()

{ cout<

class sample


public :

sample(int **pp)



int **p;

int **sample:: *ptr=&sample ::p;

13. In a file A…Z characters are written.if we open the file using fopen and




what will be the output.?

Ans . Y.(please verify Here last parameter is the integer value to seel_end

14. Same question with




ans. 11th character will be printed “K” verify.

15. Theory question about far pointers.
Hint: Far pointers are 4 bytes in size and local pointers are 2 bytes in size.

16. #include



char str[]={“hell”};

int i;

for(i=0;i<5;i++) printf(“%c%c%c%cn”,str[i],i[str],*(str+i),*(i+str)); getch(); } ans. hhhh eeeel lllll lllll note that str[i] and i[str] are the the question paper, the original word is “hello”. 17. Which of the following is not defined in string.h- strtod, memchr, strspn, strchr ans . strtod.(defined in STDLIB.H) it is used to convert a string to double. 18. Questions on macros with arguments .same pattern given in TEST UR C SKILLS eg.#define SQUARE(x) x*x main() { ……. y=SQUARE(2+3); printf(“%d”,y); } ans. when the macro expands we get 2+3*2+3 = 2+6+3 =11.11 is the correct answer not 25. 19. data model is a) Entity b) Constriants c) Entity relationship d) All the above ans:- c 20. Choise the correct one select ,emp.age from emp1,emp2 where emp.sno = 456; a) cluster b) non-cluster c) index d) none of these 21. What is index? 22. Match the following 1- one to one a) manager to employ 2- one to many b) employ to employ 3- many to one c) unique object 4- many to many d) employ to manager a) 1-a ,2-b ,3-c,4-d b) 1-c,2-d,3-a,4-b c) 1-c,2-a,3-d,4-b d) 1-d,2-b,3-a,4-c ans) c 23. 1 max 222 2 allen 333 3 rony 444 Select from first where first.age = (select first.age from first where first.sno = 3); a) max b) allen c) rony d) noneof these