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SECTION 1-LOGICAL REASONING Each of the following series of statements is followed by four sets. Identify the set that is logically consistent.


(a) The gap between the average starting salaries of teachers and those of other professionals has shrunk in recent years.
(b) The average age of first year teachers is same as it was in 1975.
(c) Starting teachers are no longer underpaid.
(d) The extent of a persons formal education is a measure by which to determine his level of salary.
(e) Over the last few years, the average starting salaries of other professionals have increased by 20%
(a)ebd (b)bad (c)abc (d)aec
Answer is d; the statement a,e,c are logically sequenced.

Questions :

(a) Japan now produces more semiconductors, than US.
(b) Semiconductors are one of the fastest growing industry segments.
(c) A decade ago Japan was producing 24% and the US was producing 22% of the worlds semiconductors, respectively.
(d) 10 years ago Japan ranked third in semiconductor production.
(e) During the last 10 years Japans production of semiconductors has increased by 500% while that of the us has increased by 200%
(a)abd (b)cea (c) edc (d) bcd

(a) Coding program 1 (b) Writing specifications for program 1
(c) Integrating program 1 with other programs (d) Testing program 1
(e) Collecting cheque from the client of the program
(a)edcba (b)abcde (c)badce (d) abdce

(a) Bob is older than Dinku and Ismer (b) Rahul is oldet than Dinku
(c) Rahul is younger than Bob (d) Rahul is older than Ismer (e) Dinku is older than Ismer
(a)edb (b)bcd (c)dab (d)abc

(a) Defining the data type of the variable (b) Using the variable (c) Declaring the variable
(d) Initializing the variable (e) Remove the variable from the memory
(a)cadbe (b)abcde (c)cdb (d)acdbe

(a) In the last six months the number of robberies at gun point in the city has dropped by 18%
(b) Guns are necessary protection against robbers
(c) Strict gun control causes a decrease in violent crime
(d) Most crimes are committed with guns and knives
(e) Six months ago this city’s council passed a gun control law
(a)bda (b) acb (c) ebc (d) eac

(a) All missiles follow a fixed trajectory (b) The boomerang requires a high degree of skill
(c) A boomerang is a missile (d) The boomerang is used by Australian aborigines to hunt
(e) A boomerang normally has an elliptical flight path
(a) adc (b)aec (c) cba (d) ebd

(a) Saving the source file (b) Compiler execution (c) Pre-processor execution
(d) Bug fixing (e) Reading the error file
(a)eabcd (b)acbed (c)abced (d)cbeda

(a) But if powers that be, extended any, how will be the first one to take might claim
(b) I don’t believe in seeking special privileges because I’m a woman
(c) Let me explain this in context of what happened the other
(a)bac (b)acb (c) bca (d) abc

(a) A long search produce a comprehensive list of 203 manufacturing firms
(b) The number of workers employed by the firms in the area ranged from a dozen to approximately 3500
(c) Those concerned with mining and quarrying, construction ,transport, trade and commerce were excluded
(d) The investigation was confined to manufacturing firms in the area
(a)bcda (b) bcab (c)abcd (d)dabc

(a) The quickly came back with pots laden with water
(b) The water gurgled out and the dying embers hissed and send up little curls of vapour
(c) The poured it on the glowing bed of charcoal
(d) The men jumped up and rushed to the river
(a)acdb (b)bacb (c)dabc (d)dcba


Each item has a question followed by two statements :

Mark a: If the question can be answered with the help of statement “1” alone

Mark b: If the question can be answered with the help of statement “2” alone

Mark c: If the question can be answered with the help of both the statements but not with the help of either statement by itself

Mark d: If the question cannot be answered even with the help of both the given statements


1. Does winking improve eye sight?

1) During the process of winking the focal power of eyes improves

2) Experiments have shown that eye exercise lead to an improvement in eye sight

Answer: d because neither 1 or 2 is adequate.