Company: Aditi Technologies

Total 5 rounds All rounds were elemintaion rounds

Round 1: Written 60 questions 60 mins no negetive marking 40 questions Quantitative (Above avg level questions) 1 Comprehension which had 10 questions ( Simple) 10 questions c and C++ (predicting output, some theory questions from C++)

Round 2: Written 5 questions 35 mins 1. using Copy constructor to initialise string. 2. what is the result of the expression : (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)…..(x-z) ? 3. Write an algorithm to shuffle a deck of playing cards. 4. write an algorithm to find the duplication in an array of n elements. 5. There is a rope which burns completely in 60 mins. Given 2 such ropes how will u measure 15 mins?

Round 3: Technical interview around 45 mins .was asked to solve 2-3 puzzles. each in 5 mins (average difficulty) .Questions on C++ (concentrated on Inheritence) what is base class? what is virtual class? applications and various cases in C++ etc .list any 5 functions in stdio.h, conio.h .One C code snippet to predict output .build a datatype which is an array which accepts elements of any datatype. (i.e., the array shuld hold elements of all datatypes . structure is not the ans. Shuld build a NEW datatype) .reverse a singly linked list using recursion .Some more questions on C, C++ and DS Round

4: Technical interview ( they were calling it HM round. i dunno what it means) around 45 mins .write an algo for telephone system (they explained the case) .2-3 puzzles (avg and above avg) .more questions on C++ .Software dev life cycle .Where do u see urself after 5 yrs? .Weakness? Strength? .and a few more

Round 5: HR interview around 40 mins .tell me abt ur extra curricular activites and questions on them. .Hobbies and questions on them .weakness? how will that cause probs in Corporate world? .Strength? .motivation in ur life? .Challenges u have faced .problems faced? how did u overcome? .Disappointments in life etc etc etc Finally 13 got in among 350 🙂

No of Rounds : Group Discussion – GD
Location : Bangalore