Company: Adobe Systems

Company Name : Adobe
Type : Fresher, Job Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 06-Sep-2010
No of Rounds : Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2

Two Rounds: Not tough Question.But time management required.

Engineering Round: (15 question)

1 Finding height of binary tree

2. Number of times multiplication is required:
int computeXn(int x int n)
return x*x;
else if(n%2=0)
int y computeXn(x n/2);
return y*y;
else if(n%2=1)
int y computeXn(x n/2);
return y*y*x;
Calculating power of a tree for 5^12.

3. Polynomial A+Bx+Cx^2+….+Nx^(n-1) this representation is more suitable for which data structure. Then P and Q are two such polynomial and how to add that two using that data structure. WAP for that.

4. Specification of variables in one language: letter follow by letter or digit.
1. (LUD)*
2. L.(LUD)* => this one right.
3. L.(L.D)+
4. L.(L.D)*

5. How Generic Swap of two elements can be implemented? that supports all type line int char float double etc..

6. Two rectangle is given with following data structure
rectangle {
int left_X;
int Left_X;
int right_X;
int Right_Y;
Two are in X-axis wise. How to find that they are intersected or not? WAP for that…

7. Free( P) How it decide how much space should be freed in c?

8. Head(aann)=a Tail(aann)=ann cont(aa,bb)=aabb; For which of the following : cont(head(s),head(tail(tail(s)))=’ac’
i. aaac
ii. abbc
iii. accc
iv. abdc

C Round: (10 question)

1. Diff between typedef and #define?

2. getbis function gives n bits from the position p of an binary no A.

3. You have to sort large data. But your memory does not have so much space. how you can sort that.

4. a[2][3][4] pointer representation

5. You have two threads T1 and T2 they are reader and writer respectively.
With some specification:

6. sprintf() function used how and what means?

7. An array given Arr[] which is in decreasing order. How many swapping required in
for (int index=0;index
for(int j=n-index;j

8. Finding Output:
int arr[]={10,20,30,40}
int varible_ptr=arr[0];
for(int index=0;index<4;index++) { printf(” arr[%d] = %d”, index, *(varible_ptr+index)); varible_ptr+=sizeof(int); } Ans: output: arr[0]=10 arr[1]=30…