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Adobe Systems Placement Paper

Company: Adobe Systems


I have jst attened the written test for Adobe and feel pleased to inform you that i have cleared the exam as well as the interview. I joined Adobe, Noida few days back. Hope this help you all in clicking Adobe. If any one of you want me to forward your resume you can send it to me on “[email protected]”.

There were four section:
1. Aptitude: They had fairly simple arithmatic question, questions on geometry and questions like whether information can be deduced from the comments given. It was fairly easy and jst u need to have basic clear.

2. Analytical: Questions like pattern matching, odd one out were there.

Be careful while attempting these two sections that u wont be having much time.
Before u know the time is over.

3. Computers: This paper is mostly from the topics u cover in B.Tech.
there was one question on finite automata,Bit manipultaion(flipping the bits),
drawing the tree given preorder and inorder traversal, finding the formula for N-ary tree
to fine number of external nodes.

4. C/Java: Here u had to write C programs(Mind u no mutiple questions).There was one question to write program to search a string from bigger string, write a algorithm to compute X^n which is of complextity log n, implement atoi function.(U cannot use any standard function in these.)

Hope this help u in cracking Adobe.

Adobe Systems Placement Paper

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