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I just attended the paper by adobe

1. analytical part : 15 qs in 15 min..most are like if this is written as 13234243 what will be that written as ….and qs like a doctor can go to 4 clinics on each day..and various conditions given..then 2-3 questions……….based on it

2. quant part : 30 questions in 30 min..easy ones ..some conditions…qs based on it……like which of these 2 quantities is greater……….given some conditions…….

3. testing part if u giving for QE……..

10-15 obj qs on testing avg……..


some scenario write test cases

shud developers test ? write 3 in favor reasons and 2 against

what is severity and priority of bugs? give examples…..

May 13, 2006 18:15:56 #7
prashant nakil Member Since: Visitor Total Comments: N/A
RE: Adobe Interview Procedure, Pattern and Model Quest…

hey there ppl,
well i appeared for the Adobe test today in my campus today ie. 12-05-06, n it was the same as mentioned above.
the Quanti was very easy..but requires fast solving ability, involves basic Geometry, algebra and Percentages n ratios etc.
the analytical problems were not that difficult too.
there were about (15 + 30) objective questions..then came the subjective…

some questions like…
1) diff bet char a[]=”123?;
char *a = “123?;
2) whats the problem with the function

int function(int x)
return(x*function (x-1));
3) some basic c syntax

then the Programs.

some C programs worth mentioning would be:

1) finding height of a binary tree
2) Displayin the fibonacci series (with recursion)
3) Flippin the 20th bit of a number
4) Flippin all the Odd bits of a number
5) ATOI() function
6) prdict the output of the following program :
***** some program (mainly recursion)
7)program to find if mc is little endian or big endian.
8)program to generate the mirror of the binary tree
Cool program to swap two linked list nodes.
9) calculate the complexity of
*****some code****

enjoy the test ..
==> focus on the aptitude
==> focus on algorithms instead of codes

have fun
Prashant Pravin Nakil

Adobe Systems Placement Paper

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