Company: Adobe Systems

Adobe came to JU on July 27 (most probably). Following is the test pattern:

1. Aptitiude: 45 minutes

45 questions in total. Refer R.S Aggarwal or CSR.
15 questions from analytical.
30 questions from quantitative aptitude.
No test on English language.

2. Subjective questions.

10 questions: 30 minutes.
10 questions: 45 minutes.

The paper comprised of the following topics:

1. Algorithm analysis-
Finding time complexity of a program written in pseudo code.
Writing 1 pass algorithms for sorting with some given constraint(s).

2. Microprocessor.
Use of 5-6 mnemonics only and 3 registers we are asked to write a program.

3. C-language.
String operations without using standard string library functions.

4. Automata theory.
One nfa was given to accept bbb. We are to find a fsm that will accept aabb.
One fsm was given finding the number of string that it can accept.
The questions was little bit tricky but if prepare well for GATE examination,
this examination is quite suitable for you.