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Adobe System Placement Paper

Company: Adobe Systems

1. Analytical Aptitude: 15 mints 15 Qs
2. Quantitative Aptitude: 30 mints 30 Qs
3. Engineering Test :13 Qs, 1 hr
4. C/Java Test 15-20 Qs, 45 mints

The first 2 are ultra-cool, no problems at all.

1. The fun starts with the third one:
2. Those thirteen questions are completely based on your problem solving capacity:
3. There are questions based on data-structures like
4. height of a tree,
5. finding second largest number in an array
6. questions using finite automata
7. write a pgm to find whether a m/c is little endian or big endian
8. Lot of questions were on bit-wise manipulation
9. The 4th test on C/Java(i took C): is almost the same as the third one with questions like
10. print a number in hexadecimal format without using sprintf
11. Optimise the computations in the recursive “nth fibonacci number” algo without using iteration(fairly simple)
12. Instead of using return(fib(n-2)+fib(n-1)), use init lofib=0,hifib=1, start with n=2,lofib=hifib;hifib=fib;fib=lofib+hifib
13. Given any number say 12, find the next multiple of 8 eg 16 using bit-wise manipulations.
14. Exchange the integers in a matrix across the secondary diagonal(or non-major diagonal)
15. I tried hard but couldn’t get a common formula for all cases.
16. And many more. No data structures book can directly help.
17. One should have very good capacity to solve problems in a very efficient manners.
18. One drawback about the test is that it is very lengthy.
19. They could have kept some qs for the interview.

Nobody can attempt 28 programs in 1 hr 45 mints

Adobe System Placement Paper

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