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ADP SECTION#1 aptitude questions

1) If a die has 1,6 and 3,4 and 2,5 opposite each other how many such dies can be made.

2) There are three boxes , In one box Two white balls , In two box 2 black balls In three box 1 white &1 black The lables on the boxes are not correct. Then you have to open one box and to find the colour of the balls in all boxes.

3) There are containing 5 , 7 , 14 , 16 , 18 , 29 balls of either red or blue in colour. Some boxes contain only red balls and others contain only blue . One sales man sold one box out of them and then he says ” I have the same number of red balls left out as that of blue “. Which box is the one he solds out ?

4) A chain is broken into three pieces of equal lenths containing 3 links each. It is taken to a backsmith to join into a single continuous one . How many links are to to be opened to make it ?

5) when the actual time pass 1hr wall clock is 10 min behind it when 1 hr is shown by wall clock, table clock shows 10 min ahead of it when table clock shows 1 hr the alarm clock goes 5min behind it, when alarm clock goes 1 hr wrist watch is 5 min ahead of it assuming that all clocks are correct with actual time at 12 noon what will be time shown by wrist watch after 6 hr

6) complete the following

b. 1 , 3 , 7 , 13 , 21 , __ , 43

c. 1, 3, 9, __ , 16900

7) A girl took part in a (some) game with many others in a circular closed circuit. After pedaling for several minutes, he found that 1/3th of the cyclists ahead of her and 3/4th of the cyclists behind him together formed the total no. of participants. How many were participating in the race?

8) OF all pets i have, except 2 all are rabbits

OF all pets i have, except 2 all are fish

OF all pets i have, except 2 all are cats

How many rabbits, fish and cats are there?

9) given

carpenter + painter = 1100

painter + electrician = 3200

electrician + plumber = 5100

plumber + mason = 2200

mason + labour = 3000

labour + painter = 1100

find every person’s cash?

10) A wall clock loses 10 minutes every 1 hour. In 1 hour by the wall clock , a table clock gets 10 minutes ahead of it. In 1 hour by the table clock an alarm clock falls 5 minutes behind it. In 1 hour of the alarm clock, a wristwatch gets 5 minutes ahead it. At noon, all 4 timepieces were set correctly. To the nearest minutes, what time will the wrist show when the correct time is 6 p.m. on the same day ?

11) “You see,” said Mrs.Murphy,”Paddy is now one and one-third times as old as he was when he took to drink, and little Jimmy, who was forty months old when paddy took to drink is now two years more than half as old as I was when Paddy took to drink , so when little Jimmy is as old as Paddy was when he took to drink.our three ages combined will amount to just one hundred years” How old is little Jimmy?

12) Both the Allens and the Smiths have two young sons under eleven. The name of the boys whose ages rounded off to the nearest year are all different are Arthur, Bert, Carl and David . Taking the ages of the boys only to the nearest year , the following staements are true

* Arthur is three years younger than his brother

* Bert is the oldest

* Carl is half as old as one of the allen boys

* David is five years older than the younger smith boy

* the total ages of the boys in each family differ by the same amount today as they did five years ago

How old is each boy and what is each boys family name.

13) In a certain organization there are either men eligible to serve on a eligible to serve on a newly established committee of four. The selection of the members is not an easy matter , however for there are jealousies and attachments among the candidates which prevents a free choice of four committeemen, if you were the president of the organization could you select a committee of four satisfying all these whims?

* Ames will serve with anybody

* Brown won’t serve unless Clayton serves

* Clayton wont serve with Evans

* Davis wont serve without Hughes

* Evans will serve with anybody

* French wont serve with Davis unless Grant serves too, and wont serve with Clayton unless Davis also serves

* Grant wont serve with both Brown and Clayton and wont serve with either Ames or Evens

* Hughes wont serve unless either Brown or French serves and wont serve with Clayton unless Grant serves too and wont serve with both Ames and Evans

14) An artist has exactly seven paintings — ,T,U,V,W,X,Y, and Z — from which she must choose exactly five to be in an exhibit. Any combination is acceptable provided it meets the following conditions:

* If T is chosen , X cannot be chosen

* If U is chosen , Y must also be chosen

* If V is chosen , X must also be chosen

15) Which one of hte following is an aceptable combination of paintings for inclusion in the exhibit?

A. T,U,V,X,Y

B. T,U,V,Y,Z

C. T,W,X,Y,Z

D. U,V,W,Y,Z

E. U,V,W,Z,Y

16) If painting T is chosen to be among the paintings included int he exhibit which one of the following cannot be chosen to be among the paintings included in the exhibit?

A. U

B. V

C. W

D. Y

E. Z

18) If the artist chooses painting V to be included among the paintings in the exhibit, which one of the following must be true of that combination of paintings?

A. T is not chosen

B. Y is not chosen

C. U is chosen

D. W is chosen

E. Z is chosen

19) Yesterday my mother asked me to buy some stamps. Stamps are available in 2 paise,7paise,10paise,15paise and 20paise denominations. For three types of stamps I was asked to buy five of each. For the other two types of stamps. I was asked to buy six of each. Unfortunately I forgot which I was supposed to buy five of and which to buy six of Luckly my mother had given me the exact money required to buy the stamps , Rs. 3.00 and the shopkeeper was able to give me the correct stamps. Which stamps did I buy?

20) Farmer Jones sold a pair of cows for Rs. 210 , On one he made a profit of ten percent and on the other he lost ten percent. Altogether he made a profit of five percent. How many did each cow originally cost him?

21) Meera was playing with her brother using 55 blocks. She gets bored playing and starts arranging the blocks such that the no. of blocks in each row is one less than that in the lower row. Find how many were there in the bottom most row?

22) Rahul took part in a cycling game with many others in a circular closed circuit. After pedaling for several minutes, he found that 1/5th of the cyclists ahead of him and 5/6th of the cyclists behind him together formed the total no. of participants. How many were participating in the race?

23) Tom wants to catch a hare. He is standing 250 yards south from the hare. The hare starts moving due east. Tom, instead of moving in the northeast direction, moves in such a way that at every instant, he is going towards the hare. If speed of tom is one and one-third times that of the hare, find the distance each travelled before he caught the hare.

24) Two people are playing with a pair of dies. Instead of numbers, the dies have different colours on their sides. The first person wins if the same colour appears on both the dies and the second person wins if the colours are different. The odds of their winning are equal. If the first dice has 5 red sides and 1 blue side, find the color(s) on the second one.

25) A company’s director said during the board meeting: ” The company’s income from roads will be sufficient to pay 6% of the entire stock issue, but since we are paying 7.5% interest on the preferred stock of Rs.4, 000,000 we are able to pay only 5% of the common stock”. Find the value of the common stock.

26) Mr. ANYMAN left ANYTOWN by car to attend a wedding at ANYCITY. He had been driving for exactly two hours when the car got punctured. It took his driver exactly ten minutes to change the wheel. In order to play safe they covered the remaining distance at a speed of 30 mph. consequently, Mr. ANYMAN was at wedding half an- hour behind schedule. Had the car got the puncture only 30 miles later , I would have been only FIFTEEN minutes late he told the driver . How Far is ANYCITY from ANYTOWN.

27) Alpha, Beta , gamma, delta and epsilon are friends and have birthdays on consecutive days though may not be in order. Gamma is as many days old to Alpha as Beta is younger to Epsilon. Delta is two days older then Epsilon. Gamma’s Birthday is on Wednesday. Tell whose birthday is when.

28) The quarter of the time from midnight to present time added to the half of the time from the present to midnight gives the present time. What is the present time?

29) A man is going to a wedding party. He travels for 2hrs when he gets a puncture. Changing tyres takes 10mins. The rest of the journey he travels at 30 miles/hr. He reaches 30mins behind schedule. He thinks to himself that if the puncture had occurred 30miles later, he would have been only 15mins late. Find the total distance traveled by the man

30) After world war II three departments did as follows First department gave some tanks to 2nd &3rd departments equal to the number they are having. Then 2nd department gave some tanks to 1st & 3rd departments equal to the number they are having. Then 3rd department gave some tanks to 2nd &1st departments equal to the number they are having. Then each department has 24 tanks. Find the initial number of tanks of each department?

31. Answer the data interpretation questions based on the following graph:

1. Which year has showed the greatest percentage increase in profit as compared to the previous year?

a. 1993

b. 1994

c. 1990

d. 1992

e. 1991


2. The average revenue collected in the given seven years is approximately:

a. Rs. 164 lakh

b. Rs. 168 lakh

c. Rs. 171 lakh

d. Rs. 175 lakh

e. Rs. 176 lakh


3. In which year was the growth in expenditure greatest as compared to the previous year?

a. 1993

b. 1995

c. 1991

d. 1992

e. 1994


4. The expenditure for the seven years together forms what percent of the revenues during the same period?

a. 75%

b. 67%

c. 62%

d. 83%

e. 85%


5. If the profit in 1996 shows the same annual rate of growth as it had shown in 1995 over the previous year, then what approximately will be the profit in 1996?

a. Rs. 72 lakh

b. Rs. 86 lakh

c. Rs. 93 lakh

d. Rs. 78 lakh

e. Rs. 88 lakh



1. Point out the error in the following program.



int main()


int *a[3];

a = (int*) malloc(sizeof(int)*3);


return 0;


A. Error: unable to allocate memory

B. Error: We cannot store address of allocated memory in a

C. Error: unable to free memory

D. No error

Ans: B

2. What is the purpose of fflush() function.

A. flushes all streams and specified streams.

B. flushes only specified stream.

C. flushes input/output buffer.

D. flushes file buffer.

Ans; A

3. Point out the error, if any in the program.


int main()


int a = 10;




printf(“This is c program.”);

return 0;


A. Error: No case statement specified

B. Error: No default specified

C. No Error

D. Error: infinite loop occurs

Ans: C

4. What will be the output of the program?


int addmult(int ii, int jj)


int kk, ll;

kk = ii + jj;

ll = ii * jj;

return (kk, ll);


int main()


int i=3, j=4, k, l;

k = addmult(i, j);

l = addmult(i, j);

printf(“%d, %dn”, k, l);

return 0;


A. 12, 12

B. 7, 7

C. 7, 12

D. 12, 7

Ans: A

5. In C, if you pass an array as an argument to a function, what actually gets passed?

A. Value of elements in array

B. First element of the array

C. Base address of the array

D. Address of the last element of array

Ans: C

6. Out of fgets() and gets() which function is safe to use?

A. gets()

B. fgets()

Ans: B

7. In the following code what is ‘P’?

typedef char *charp;

const charp P;

A. P is a constant

B. P is a character constant

C. P is character type

D. None of above

Ans: A

8. Identify which of the following are declarations

1 : extern int x;

2 : float square ( float x ) { … }

3 : double pow(double, double);


B. 2

C. 1 and 3

D. 3

Ans : C

9. Which of the following statement obtains the remainder on dividing 5.5 by 1.3 ?

A. rem = (5.5 % 1.3)

B. rem = modf(5.5, 1.3)

C. rem = fmod(5.5, 1.3)

D. Error: we can’t divide

Ans: C

10. What will be the output of the program?


int main()


char c=48;

int i, mask=01;

for(i=1; i<=5; i++) { printf("%c", c|mask); mask = mask<<1; } return 0; } A. 12400 B. 12480 C. 12500 D. 12556 Ans: B