Company: Alcatel-Lucent India Limited

Alcatel Lucent | Subjective Aptitude Paper at Chennai – 21.01.2010

Company Name : Alcatel Lucent
Type : Fresher
Exam/Interview Date : 21-Jan-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Chennai

Submitted by : Sujatha

Job Interview, Question Paper Writeup. : ALCATEL SUBJECTIVE APTITUDE PAPER CHENNAI JAN 21ST 2010

The test is for 2 hours. They have given the time allotment in the question paper itself. But it is up to you to manage time. Try to answer all the questions of a section in one place. If it is not possible mention section number, question number with subsections. Else paper will not be evaluated. Examiners won’t strain themselves in searching your answers

a) Write a program to insert a node in a doubly linked list (Write the main part alone)
b) Describe what are all data structures are used
c) Program should handle errors
d) Program should compile Qp2:
a) Write a program to reverse a singly linked list. (Write the main part alone)
b) Describe what are all data structures are used
c) Program should handle errors
d) Program should compile QP3:
Optimize the given code
For(int i=0;ival1;i++)
Printf(“inside the loop);
} QP4:
Some analysis of a data structure program. Find what the program does?
Point out errors if any

Answer the following in a tabular form

QN1: List out the layers of OSI model and its functions. Identify 1-2 protocols for each layer.

QT1 :Write test cases for the given scenario. Put 15 bullets. No details of test cases are needed. Only TEST TITLE is required. You are a designer of an elevator. You have to certify that the elevator is certified to be installed by checking its working. Derive test cases for the situation.

Analyse the given problems:
QA1 : There are 5 jars of pills with four jars of pills weighing 10gms each. One jar has pills of 9gms. Identify the jar containing the 9gm pills with a scale balance in a single measurement.

QA2 : You have plenty of water supply. You have 5 quart and 3 quart jars. How will you measure water with having 4 exactly totally.

QA3: A helicopter drops two trains in a parachute in an infinte railway line. The parachute falls aside of the train. The two trains are at undefined distance. Each train has a identical chip. Write instructions in the chip so that the train bump into each other. The trains cannot know where they are.
Use following to program

MF ” Train moves forward
MB ” Train moves backward
IF(P)- if parachute are only aside of train. There is no THEN condition

The answers should not exceed 2-3 lines
QG1: What according to you is life? QG2: What will you do if you are to handle a situation which is beyond your capabilities? QG3: What will you do if you are unclear with the information regarding your work?