Company: ALCATEL

Alcatel test on 29th of sep. at gurgaon
office. the pattern was as follows –

1) c: 10 marks for 10 questions. very basic we have to write
output of programs. so do practice basic programs.

2) c++: 10 marks for 10 questions. inheritance, recursion and
arrays are covered. again basic questions

3) apti: 20 marks for 20 questions. all verbal reasoning,
very easy.

the main problem was time which was 45 min. u must be toooo
fast. cut off is 50% in each section.

they said that we will call u if u got selected.

one of my friend has gone through selection process at ALCATEL Gurgaon for fresher post. this is all about the pattern he told me –

there are four rounds :-

1) written test :- test consist of c,c++ and aptitude. he doesn’t remember the exact no. of question and time limit. he told me that the emphasis was on the questions of pointers in c and simple terms like inheritance was there for c++, in aptitude we have coding-encoding and figure problems. that’s all 4 test. no O.S, D.S or networks.

2) tech. :- second was technical round. only 5 out of 15 were selected for this round. This round was quite tough and my friend couldn’t clear this round. they ask abt database connectivity in c to him. which he was not able to answer.

rest 2 rounds were tech. again and h.r. these rounds are quite simple as told by others to him.

Those who applied for Alcatel – this
will be useful.The Recruitment process will be like

Regarding Test:

1) Apps test:

reasoning is more. then filling number in a square
box, profit loss,
age problems, number series,…etc
Most of the things were easy.

2)Tech test:

Tech test
-question paper contained diffent sub-headings(nearly6). Have
more attention on communication side.

Topics covered are:

Telecom switching
systems( TDM , FDM.,crossbar switching) questions in
ISDN, Data communication ( OSI layer), operating
systems, some basics in LIC (linear integrated
cir) ,Digital communication (PCM..)
Microprocessors, In C basics only…( Find out
the error in the program , what will be the output of
the program?..etc will come), Digital Electronics ,
Basic Electronics (fundamental -questions).

All the things given
above are based on previous recruitment processes..
time -most probably same will be

3) Interview:

Two rounds of interview
will be there on the same day. small technical
and a personal interview.
There – they will inform u abt the bond (for 3
years). In tech interview simple questions will be

Finally u will have HR interview with alcatel
HR team. No need to worry abt HR interviews . just
u must accept bond for 3 years.
Then they will consider the reference and other
things.If u clear the tests and have reference then u
will have more chances to enter into Alcatel.