Company: Allfon

Some topics for group disscussion
1.American the melting point,
2.your role model
3.Iraq war
4.America the super power
5.Election in u.s
6.Higher studies
7.Favourite star
8.Euro vs doller
9.New york city
in this you have to speek for one minute. you have a lot from this you have to select your topics. Aptitude are dead easy…

Technical also very easy
Only thing is you have good communication skill.
1. how a thread is created
2. some are part of OSI layer questions
3) some r easy c questions like a swithc case without break statement etc.
4) semaphore is used for

Data Structure
1) which is fastest sorting algorithm
2) heaps are from of —>priority queue
which data struicture is used to rescue empty space is — circular queue