1. Olympic games 2012 were held at
    a) England
    b) China
    c) Atlanta
    d) Tokyo
  2. Commonwealth games 2010 held in
    a) Manchester
    b) Victoria
    c) Delhi
    d) Perth
  3. Asian games 2010 held in
    a) Qatar
    b) China
    c) South Korea
    d) Thailand
  4. Who scored double hundred first time in ODI cricket match?
    a) Saurav Ganguali
    b) M.S. Dhoni
    c) Rickey Ponting
    d) Sachin Tendulkar
  5. The first athlete who won eight gold medals in individual events in one Olympic games is
    a) Micheal Phelps
    b) Milkha Singh
    c) Mike Powell
    d) P.T. Usha

    6. Saina Nehwal is associated with which game.
    a) Tennis
    b) Badminton
    c) Lawn Tennis
    d) Athletic

    7. Ranji Trophy is associated with which sport.
    a) Hockey
    b) Football c) Cricket
    d) Polo

    8. Wimbledon Trophy is associated with which sport.
    a) Golf
    b) Tennis
    c) Badminton
    d) Cricket

    9. Name the playing area of boxing
    a) Rink
    b) Link
    c) Ring
    d) Court
  1. Name the national sport of India
    a) Cricket
    b) Hockey
    c) Judo
    d) Badminton
  1. Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium is located at
    a) Mumbai
    b) Chennai
    c) New Delhi
    d) Kolkata
  1. The team dribble is associated with which sport
    a) Basketball
    b) Badminton
    c) Baseball
    d) Billiards
  1. T-20 world cup cricket Tournament in 2012 was held in
    a) South Africa
    b) Sri Lanka
    c) England
    d) India
  1. Third IPL 20-20 Championship was won by
    a) Mumbai Indians
    b) Royal Challengers
    c) Chennai Super Kings
    d) Kolkata Knight Riders
  1. Hockey World cup 2010 was won by
    a) Genmany
    b) Pakistan
    c) Holland
    d) Australia
  1. Who is second individual top scorer in test crickets after Brain Lara.
    a) Mathew Hayden
    b) Rahul Dravid
    c) Rickey Ponting
    d) Saurav Ganguli
  1. Player who hit six sixes in an over in 20-20 world cup 2007
    a) Sahid Afridi
    b) Yuvraj Singh
    c) Yusuf Pathan
    d) Jacques Kellis
  1. In 2011, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Award was given to
    a) Gagan Narang
    b) Abhivan Bindra
    c) Saina Nehwal
    d) Saniya Mirza
  1. Who become the first Indian to win a Gold Medal at World Wrestling Championships?
    a) Susheel Kumar
    b) Vijender Singh
    c) Kuldeep Singh
    d) Rajeev Tomar
  1. Tejaswina Sawant is Associated with which sport.
    a) Rifel Shooting
    b) Wrestling
    c) Boxing
    d) Badminton

1.a ,2. c ,3. b
4.d, 5. a, 6. b
7.c ,8. b ,9. c
10.b ,11. c ,12. a
13.b ,14. d ,15. d
16.a ,17. b ,18. a
19.a ,20. a

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