Company: Amdocs

Aptitude :
Aptitude is very easy no need to worry
See questions based on analytical reasoning as:


1 All books are chairs
2 All chairs are red

I All books are red
Ii Some red (objects) are books

Study The following information to answer the given questions. The following are the criteria for registration in training workshop. The participant must
i be more than 30 years of age
ii be a graduate with 60% marks
iii have atleast four years of experience of working in industry
iv be sponsored by his employer for workshop
v have sent paper for presentation in the workshop

However, if he fulfills all these criteria except
(A) iii above, he or she………..
(B) …………..
(C) ……………….

In these type of questions there is no guessing you have to answer based on the data they have provided.

They have given 2 questions based on this model i.e 10 marks (approximately)

Questions based on pattern matching.

These are questions you have to answer by observing the options as:

Ex: ee@@@ee
1. ee@@@ee 2 ee@@@ee 3 ee@@eee

They have given approximately five questions based on this model.

Some problems based on blood relations(very Simple)
Some questions are like
Ex: if + is -, – is *, * is /, / is + then value of 3+4-3*5/2 is?

Technical :
This is very important.
U have to concentrate on technical questions only

See about Command line arguments, Pointers, Files<===( Mainly) Some other topics like declarations are given I cannot remember the questions (sorry) Some syntaxes are given and asked to find the correct choice, which is correct syntaxically or logically SQL Questions based on joins, subQueries, Some example like : To select employees in the organization who r getting salary same as mgr, they have given four queries.U have to select the correct choice from the given options. Asked about Non-clustered subquery U concentration must be on joins, subqueries, views, indexes, cursors etc… UNIX Very simple They have given basic commands only. See about ‘grep’ command Piping in UNIX is also important. It is better to prepare basic commands in UNIX. Best Of Luck