Company: Amdocs

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections in Written Test:
Online written test:

* Quantitative test- 25 min 20 questions
* Reasoning : 20 questions 20 minutes
* English comprehension: (a technical passage): 10 questions 10 mins.
* c/c++/java: 20questions 25 mins
* sql: 20 questions 20mins
* unix: 20 questions 20marks

Details of the process and your contribution:

First two sections: Some sample questions: Questions on sets(20 buy tv,30 buy both tv and refrigirator etc)
Five questions on coloring a cube and then cutting in a particular way(a bit tough). Some data sufficiency questions. Overall first two sections are not very tough.

Third section: a passage on web sphere technology,Single time authentication, cookies. You will have enough time to read the passage completely and so not very tough.
c/c++/java: one of the three languages have to be chosen. Questions are mostly predicting output, then error finding ranging from difference between malloc,calloc; command line arguments;switch;
sql: on queries,some dbms concepts.
unix: mostly on commands, like gunzip;tea;tr;head;tail; on vi editor g,h,j,e,w.. then shell script;


* First question was on java: why are interfaces needed when there are abstract classes they serve the same purpose if abstract class has only declarations?
* simple question on inserting into double linked list.
* one sql query,and factors of n in long time.

* Tell me about yourself; forgot to tell about mom and dad then he was frowning.
* What is your goal?
* What is your interest : programming; if we give testing: I will gladly take it I said.. he said: “why are you changing your interest like that no fixed interest?