Company: American Megatrends India (AMI)

Date : 30th july 2013

Hi folks,

Today I attended the Off campus drive for american megatrends. Actually its for NIIT students only. Its a online test. They conduct this test through test. Monstercollege. In and duration of this test is 3 hours. They split 5 sections and each section have allotted time only. Once you submit a section you can’t come back to that section.

1. Soft skills (10 questions).

2. C programming (20 c aptitude questions).

3. Java Programming (20 java aptitude questions).

4. Programming (you want to write program).

5. IQ test (20 questions).

They doesn’t give any marks allocation for any section. First section is very easy but you want to finish within time that is the matter. They said some situation like you are the team leader while your team member not do his task within time what will you do? Describe about you not more than 250 words, Which is your favorite subject during your engg and why? how your friends describe about you? After 3 years how you will be? what about your dream job?

In second section Mostly they give simple program and asks it op only. This section very easy guys. You need to concentrate loop control, pointers, structure.

In third section same they will give pgms and ask op. But this section little tricky and easy. Collections, Exception, inheritance and interface (near 6 to 7) based question mostly there.

In fourth section, we want to write 2 C programs and 2 java programs and there is also a online compiler by using this you can compile your code and produce the op. In some pgm they will give main functions and input initialization also you should not change those.

1. Write the program for perform operations in complex number and the class must be immutable (Java).

2. Write the program to get a string from user and sort the char in alphabetical order (C).

3. You have to store the names by using collections (Java).

4. I did not remember it but it is also string concept only (C).

In IQ test they ask only simple questions only like.

A farmer has 17 sheep. All but 9 die. How many are left?

Divide 30 by half and add 10 what do you get?

All are very easy.