AppLabs Placement paper

Company: APPLABS


The written test was easy. 25 mints – 30 Qs ( 10 Verbal , 10 Quants, 10 Reasoning )
All were very easy ( no synonyms, antonyms) only to test our grammar. Quants had problems on Ages, Proportions, Time & Work, Time & distance, numbers etc.
Reasoning took some time. Qs on relationships, letters etc.

5 rounds of Interviews :

* 1st : for testing communication skills ( General Qs )
* 2nd: technical Qs ( languages used in Projects ). Some Qs on project
* 3rd : technical Qs – by senior employees (tough one) In detail about the projects. Lot of tough questions.
* 4th : HR + Some technical Qs ( by senior most persons ) i.e. top level persons.

He checked all of my certificates for 7 National level project presentations and prizes.

—————- If u clear this, then u r selected. ———————-

5th : HR ( just a formality).

Papers Pattern for Both freshers & Experienced

Below is the exact exam pattern for both freshers and Experienced ppl.
The paper consists of 35 questions. And the duration is 30 mints. It consists of 3 sections:
i) Verbal – 10 Questions. (either synonyms or antonyms – follow GRE Barrons)
ii) Quant – 15 Questions (go through R.S.Aggarwal)
iii) Analytical – 10 Questions.
Its an online exam. The results will b announced on the same day on or before 10PM The candidates those who r through the online exam , will b called for interview . there will b totally 4 rounds of interviews. For freshers, the interviews will be mostly of HR type and one will be a tech round (they will b asking only basics of Comp). For experienced ppl, the interviews will b of Tech type.

AppLabs Placement paper

About AppLabs

AppLabs is the world’s largest software testing and quality management company. The company has emerged as the largest global provider of software testing services by acquiring US-based KeyLabs Inc and UK-based IS Integration. AppLabs had also acquired ValueMinds, an award-winning developer of automated testing tools. AppLabs’ extensive testing experience, in-depth industry knowledge, partnerships with major tool vendors and broad testing tool expertise has ensured that our clients’ business outcome meets time, cost and quality targets. Visit offical Website of Applabs For More details

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