Company: iGATE Global Solutions Limited

Venue : Calcutta Institute Of Technology ( Uluberia,West Bengal )
Selection Process:
1> Aptitude Test ( Technical)
2> GD
3> PI ( technical mostly )
Aptitude Test: Mainly conceptual qs. from power electronics. The chapters covered are –
Opam, SCR, power amplifier, MOSFET, CRO, BJT, transmission Line, Boolean algebra etc.
Some of the qs. that I could remember are –
1.Fly back time is associated with___( CRO)
2.I/P impedence of Opam is ____( high)
3.ohmic contact helps to drive____ (MOSFET)
4.The SWR is associated with _____( transmission line)
Total candidates appeared : 118 Qualified : 20
Shortlisted : 18
PI: Q: Why do you want to join?
Q: Will you accept transfer?
Q: Could you draw the Two transistor analogy of SCR?
Q: How is Opam used as comparator?
Q: Why is MOSFET preferred than BJT in power systems?
Q: Diff between Class A & class B amplifier.
Q: Why is Push pull arrangement used?
Q: What will happen if the load of an Half wave rectifier is replaced by capacitor. Draw The wave form.
Shortlisted: 5

The written test was easy. 25 mins – 30 Qs ( 10 Verbal , 10 Quants, 10 Reasoning )
All were very easy ( no synonyms, antonyms) only to test our grammar.
Quants had probs on Ages, Proportions, Time & Work, Time & distance, numbers etc.
Reasoning took some time. Qs on relationships, letters etc.

5 rounds of Interviews :
1st : for testing communication skills ( General Qs )
2nd: technical Qs ( languages used in Projects ). Some Qs on project
3rd : technical Qs – by senior employees (tough one) In detail abt the projects. Lot of tough questions.
4th : HR + Some technical Qs ( by senior most persons ) i.e. top level persons.
He checked all of my certificates for 7 National level project presentations and prizes.
—————- If v clear this, then v r selected. ———————-
5th : HR ( just a formality).