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1) Aptitude Test (13 Questions)
2) only 1 interview which had everything technical and HR
Aptitude Questions:
1.There were 3 friends A, B, C. They used to give equal shares for their spending. One day A brought 5 bottles of beer and B brought 3 bottles of beer. C gave Rs.8 as his share. How will A and B divide the share given by C.
Answer: A=Rs.7 and B=Rs.1
2.Three friends divided some bullets equally among them. After each guy fired 4 bullets, the total number of bullets that they had them among them was equal to the number of bullets each had at the start. How many bullets each had at the start?
Answer: Each had 6 bullets.
3.A person was riding bicycle. After the person had covered 18 km, another person started travelling in his car @ speed 10 times of the person on bicycle. At what distance from starting point will they meet or cross each other?
Answer: 20Km from starting point.
4.A man spent 1/3rd of his income on clothes, 1/5th of remaining on food and 1/4th of remaining on house rent. After all this expenditures he had 1000 rupees. What is his income?
Answer: 2500
5.An 8 feet building has a 2 feet long shadow, so what will be the shadow length of 20feet long building?
Answer: 5 feet
6.There were some stations connected directly to each other. If 2 stations are added, 46 tickets are to be added so what were the number of station at the start? Answer:22(not sure)
7.A, B, C, D took part in some race. Three wise men X, Y, Z commented as follows
X: Either A or D will win.
Y: A will not be the winner.
Z: Winner will not be from C and D.
If only one of the above was to be correct, who won the race?
Answer: C

8.A building has 10 floors. What is the floor below the floor above the floor above the floor below the floor above the floor below the floor above 5th floor? Answer:6th floor

9.Team A, B, C played 2 matches each. Completed the following table.

Goals For
Goals Against

Answer: Team A row entries will be 2, 0, 0, 7, 1
Team B row entries will be 1, 0, 1, 3, 4
Team C row entries will be 0, 1, 1, 2, 7

10. You are standing before two gates. One leads to heaven, the other leads to Hell. There are two gatekeepers. You know one of them always tells the truth and the other always lies, but you don’t know who the honest one is and who the liar is. Both the gatekeepers are aware of each other’s nature. You can only ask one question to one of them in order to find the way to heaven. What is the question? Answer: Ask the following to gatekeepers“From the point of view of other tell me where is heaven/hell?” they will together point to the door opposite to what u asked.

11. Mohan speaks truth in morning and lies in afternoon. Ram speaks truth only in afternoon. If one of them says “He(i.e. the other person) is Mohan” what is the time?
Answer: Afternoon

12. A figure was given which had a square and a right angled triangle attached to it. Divide the following figure in 5 equal parts. The figure(triangle) attached to the square in half of the square.

13.A figure was given which had a square, inside which there was a circle touching the midpoints of each side of square. there was a small rectangle at 1 end of square. the smaller rectangle is 1 cm x 2 cm. what is the radius of the circle in mm?