Company: Aricent Group

Hi Friends

I am Ankush (MCA) from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Aricent came to PU on 7th July 2008.. The Criteria was 70% in current degree. This time the pattern was totally different from the previous papers

1. Written test
2. Group Interview
3. Interview

Written test: (10:00am)

Written test consists of three parts rather than seven:

1) There was 30 questions of Aptitude(30%) and Reasoning(70%) in 30 mins they were easy only 4-5 were difficult. I attempted in 20 mins.. means time is not a problem I Aricent ..

2) Data structures 20 questions in 20 mins. 7-8 was very easy 6-7 average and 3-4 were very tough. I attempted in 15 mins.

3) Choice between C, C++ and Java. 60% students chose C, 35% chose C++ and rest 3 students chose Java and I was among those three students .. it was a 30 questions paper in 30 min.. java was really tough I attempted only 16-17 rest was a fuke (not Blind).

# Remember Sectional cut off was there #

Finally the result came out and I was selected.. after this all rounds were open for us ..

Group interview: (6:00 p.m.)
Then it was the GI round we were 6 students on one side and six on another ..
Topic was “Too much Cricket is killing the Game”
other Topics : “Global Warming”, “Junk Food”, etc ..

Interview: (1:30 a.m.)
I was the last to be interviewed at 1:30 a.m. and it was good.. I answered almost 80%… I came out of room at 2:35 a.m. They will ask u everything: C, DS, NETWORKING, OS, S/w ENGG. & TESTING
I was very Happy… Result came at 3 a.m and unfortunately I was not selected.. yet I have given my best Interview

I will tell u the Reason because I attempted Java and Java paper was difficult and C was very easy and those who were selected attempted C… Please take care of these things… If someone is not good in GI then he can score more in Written and vice versa …

Wishing U “All THE BEST”… do well in written because they count all the marks (Written + GI + Interview)