Company: Aricent Group

Hi Friends

First of all I would like to tell u dat most of things depend on luck too…..

1. WRITTEN: contains 4 parts
* Analytical Ability
* Attention to Detail
* Data Structures & Algorithms
* C or C++ or JAVA

All questions are of objective type. the paper was not tough enough but DS & C paper was a little bit hard.
Only written is the elimination round.
Sectional cut off is there

After written exam there was a critical incidence form filling round in which you’ll have to answer some questions but be sure that whatever you write you must remember at the time of HR interview. They will ask these questions.

After that there was a GI round (GROUP INTERVIEW… OR … GROUP DISCUSSION)

In this we had a group of 8 and that was divided into two parts & we had given a topic CIVILIAN AWARDS IN DEMOCRACY. Both the group got script –one on favour & one on against & you had to be with your team. (this is not elimination round.)

Then after dat we had one on one interview. (TECH + HR)
And each student had interview for 1 or more hours.

MY INTERVIEW:- (they have your marks of written + GI)
A Beautiful Lady Interviewer….!!!!!

Me: good afternoon ma’am.
She: good afternoon have a seat.
Me: thank you ma’am.
She: so Gauravv you had done your exam by your own ?? (cz I got good marks)
Me: yes ma’am coz there was no negative marking so I made some intelligent guesses too!
She: intelligent guesses !!(laughs)
She: ok tell me something about yourself
Me: blah blah
She: something more
Me: (a little bit more I told then my throat choked)
She: are you alright?? Do u want some water??
Me: no ma’am I m perfectly alright,
She: ok ..(she asked a HR question “critical incidence”)
Me: (told about contradicted cz I didn’t remember)
She: why are you telling me this when u haven’t written here??
Me: o …sorry ma’am but.. (I was sweating ..a lot in AC)
She: what happened Gauravv?? are you alright??
Me: yes ma’am!
She: I think you need some water ?? just relax …b confident.. (then she called peon 4 water)
Me: (after drinking water) sorry ma’am 2 make you uncomfortable..
She: oh !! dats alrite. Is dat your first interview?
Me: yes ma’am
She: why ? What abt TCS? Written clear nahi hua tha?
Me: yes ma’am (ws telling a lie!!)
She: ok just relax.. b comfortable and read these questions answers. I m coming within 2 min..(she went out of the room)
Me: (in heart of heart I was surprised what is this?? .. I read whatever I had written in critical incidence)

After 3 min she came!!
She: have u read all these?
Me: yes ma’am.. (with a beautiful smile & confidently!!)
She: so now tell me…..(the questions of Critical incidence)
Me: told…. every questions..
She: recently kaun si film dekhi hai?
Me: (shocked) the forbidden kingdom..
She: kaun kaun hai usme?
Me: jakie chan & jet li
She: who is jet li (confused)?
Me: ma’am he is a martial art based actor.
She: ok ok……… I dnt watch dat kinda movies..
Me: (I was looking her very suspiciously ….)
She: wat happened Gauravv? Am I looking like a Ghost?
Me: no ma’am …not at all..
She: then just calm down
Me: ma’am I m just a little bit tense..
She: why?
Me: cz this my first step 2wrds my professional life…
She: ok den just be confident when I was giving my first interview I was not like you “yaar” and you are a man boss…. so be a man??
Me: Ok ma’am (smiled)
She:so tell me how much you know about C?
Me: ma’am just basic knowledge
She: program bana skte ho?
Me: yes ma’am (confidently)
She: factorial using recursion ??
Me: completed within a minute.. wrote and explained well…
She: ok so now string reversal without using lib func.
Me: wrote and explained well
She: (little bit confused and asked) are you sure ?? that this program will reverse a string?
Me: definitely… (confidently)
She: Ok “to bahar phle hi questions puch chuke ho??”
Me: what ma’am?? (confused)
She: I think this program is wrong.
Me: ma’am this program is 100% correct..
She:ok …….. tell me about static functions?
Me: I began 2 tell about static variables…
She: I m asking static functions not variables?
Me: oops …I dnt know ma’am??
Me: ma’am the functions which r static?(smiling)
She:laughs….. ok how many loops are there in C?
Me: told with explanation.
She:difference between while & do while loop
Me: told with explanation..
She:ok …difference between Structures & unions?
Me: told with explanation.
She: (gave me a page that has a program on functions using recursion) what would be the output of dat?
Me: (after analyzing) no output will occur…as it’ll stuck in infinite loop…
She: check it once more….. it’ll give the output..
Me: (after checking quickly) no ma’am …no output will occur
She: you’re wrong
Me: (she was trying to confuse me) not at all ma’am …and explained well
She: ok good ….( smiled)
She: ok….so how are you in Data structures ?
Me: I’ve studied in last sem.
She: so wat are stacks & queue ?
Me: told
She: difference between stack & queue
Me: told
She: what is linked list?
Me: told with diagram of a node.
She: ok now single linkd list, double linkd list, & circular linkd list?
Me: told about single and double but not circular…
She: (then she explaind me circular)
Me: ok ma’am
She: so can you write an algorithm for circular linkd list for deletion?
Me: no ma’am I m not good in algos
She: ok how insertion & deletion takes place in a queue …..with diagram?
Me: explained well
She: how much you are comfortable with networks ?/
Me: as I’ve studied in last sem but m not very much comfortable with dat bt you can surely ask questions I’ll try 2 answer…
She: smthing about OSI 7 layer structure?
Me: told & exlplaind well with diagram
She: and wat is the diff. between TCP/IP layer diag and OSI ?
Me: told with TCP/P layer diag..
She: (she askd 4 more questions on protocols that I’d nt heard abt that)
Me: I dnt know ma’am cz in my next sem there will be another part of networks so I’ll definitely sharp my netwrk area.
She: if you are goin 2 join a software company den u ‘ll hav 2 work hard of your programming, networks, Data structures type f subjects……
Me: I’know ma’am and I’ll definitely work on these particular areas..
She: ok so….. wat abt microprocessors
Me: yes ma’am I’ve studied in last sem too… dat was a quite interesting subject.
She: 8085 mp is of how many bit mp?
Me: 8 bit
She: and 8086
Me: 16 bit
She: what are another difference betw them?
Me: explained abt add and data bus lines..
She: what d LXI instruction does?
Me: told and explained with example./…
She: can u compare two 8 bit no.s using program?
Me: I’ll try ma’am (began 2 write a prog but cudnt)
She: ok Gauravv any questions 2 me….?
(I think she was not expecting me 2 ask… but)
Me: yes ma’am…I know that I’vnt given my best in my first interview so I just want you 2 rate me as an interviewee and gimme some more suggestions 2 improve myself…
She: (looking me as she just got an electric shock) Gauravv I think you should rate yourself..
Me: but ma’am as an interviewer you know well dat how I’ve performed… so pleeeezz
She: first of all I’d like 2 tell you dat your apti, your knowledge is good enough but you’ll have to make urself more confident and the main thing is that your programming skills are good but u should improve dat area too… “rest is all perfect”
Me: (I thought wat d hell has left) Ok ma’am I know that I’ve one whole year to study for all these particular subjects and I know dat I’ll definitely becm d master f d programming part by den.. (Confidently).. & I’ll definitely work hard 4 my next interviews…
She: Ok Gaurav all d best (smiled)
Me: thanks a lot ma’am (not smiling but with a expression of determination)