Company: Aricent Group

I attended Aricent Groups Off-campus interview in Chennai. for some network position.. Training in Gurgoan for 6months.. Job in Chennai / Bangalore / Gurgoan. 3.6L p.a. pay!

There were 5 rounds!

1.) Aptitude (2hours 10mins) ONLINE TEST.

There were 99 questions.
Divided into 4 parts… 25 25 25 24 on respective parts.

Questions on Reasoning, Quants and Verbal were Good. You can definitely crack 70% of it
The Difficult section is Programming. Where questions on N/w.. and on some pseudo codes will be asked. You have to take care while attending this.


2.) After this comes Employment Application Filling and Critical Incident filling round.
Some questions will be asked on your personal life like How you overcame a hardship? how you managed? how you accomplished etc etc.. you gotta narrate few incidents out of your genuine experience.

3.) GROUP DISCUSSION (15mins).

The HR who came to assess our discussion skills was so cool that he permitted us to come out with 5 good topics and asked to discuss.. We choose One.. “DEATH PENALTY for CRIMINAL CASES”…

We all did well and Cleared this one also.

4.) TECHNICAL (30-45mins).

Here comes the Serious part! Its never a Child’s play. As the Off-campus was for 3-days i thought the rest of the rounds might happen on 2nd or 3rd day.. and i mite get some time to revisit my basics and make it strong. To my surprise it happened on 1st day itself.

I entered the Panel. Consisted of 2 HR’s . He initially asked to Tell about me. Then asked me Which one I am comfortable with? C or C++? I said I am OK Relatively with C++.

He gave me a Paper. Started firing questions on Data Abstraction…Abstract Class..its use? example? write one overview program …Dynamic Allocation..Accessing operators .. asked me to explain all inheritance in one single diagram. Friend function..access specifiers..Function template.. Class Template.. new..delete operator.. in line function ex code…after that he said OK.. (I THOUGHT its over… but not..)

Then the 2nd HR STARTED with DATA STRUCTURES.. List.. Single Double Circular… Traversing it.. finding the rear ends.. write a Code fr it.. (a pseudo code / program but it should be right).then Stacks.. Queues.. their Difference… asked me to take one ex and explain stack operation and Questioned me in-depth by giving Memory addresses and other stuffs.. likewise in QUEUE.. asked me a technical application of Stack… (once again i thought it was over.. but not)

The 1st HR once again started.. Microprocessors and Controllers was the topic. asked me addressing Modes. instruction cycle.. Data Bus.. Control bus..Control Unit.. their uses.. why? modulation..Controllers.

Then he changed the topic .. now started with OPERATING SYSTEM….Paging.. why? Segmentation? inter process communication. Deadlocks? mutual exclusion..what is an OS? give ex? (FUNNIEST ONE ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ).. then DBMS.. on normalization… 1st NF.. 2nf..triggers.. etc.,

At the end he asked ANY QUESTIONS to us? I asked him how was my performance (but I already knew I am OUT :P). He said You might get to know after HR and asked me how I myself considered it.. I said It was not my BEST with the allotted time for me I had given this..then he asked me on WHAT I know about ARICENT? I told him all.. and I left…..I DINT CLEAR THIS round.

They expect at-least 70% of correct or approximate answers.. I WAS able to give only 50% of right answers to all his QUESTIONS asked in all topics.. AFTER finishing round i reached home and googled for answers that I struggled in interview and found that many of the answers I was CLOSE enough but not CONFIDENT ENOUGH .. ๐Ÿ™‚

“DON’T TAKE IT EASY and DON’T be COMPLACENT over your Preparation. SKY is the LIMIT.. prepare as much as you can.. Be confident with basics”.