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St. Margaret Engineering College, Neemrana (Rajasthan University). I have attended the Aricent On 26th December 2006 in Jaipur Campus at JECRC college. Some of the question I have remembered. There is a choice in b/w C/C++. I have taken C.

There are 7 section of each 10-20 minuts duration:
1. Verbal( English)
2. Aptitude
3. Mental Ability.
4. Data Structures and OS(20 questions,20 mins)
5. C or C++ (20 questions,20 mins)
6. Comprehension( 15minute reading time +10minutes,10 questions)
7. E-mail writing (5 minutes)

1) Verbal section contains some easy questions like :
fill in the blanks, abbreviations, vocabulary etc.

2) Aptitude section contains mainly a set based questions which u can solve easile with the help of venn diagram.

3) In the Mental Ability section there were a series of 12 digit numbers or 12 letter words were given and one had to identify the similar numbers or words, you only need to concentrate hard for this section. There were questions such as
2+3*4/5-9,if ?+? is replaced by ?*?,?/? by ?-?,…. what would be the value.

4) Data structure, C, OS & networking Question (quite tuff mainly C section (structure programming)): some of the questions are

1. What is POSIX(ans: It is an advanced version operating system of unix)

2. void main()
int i=-3,j=2,k=-1,m;
What will be the output ?

3. which is not a condition for a deadlock?

4. In which sorting� we use the partition approach?

5. They are asking an output of c programs which are on linked list. So be prepared with structure programming.(about 50% of this section is based on C and other 50% includes other subjects. They are mainly emphasis on C language, so you have to be well prepared for C language ).

5) C section:
1) What is this called (char *) (*(*(*A[X]) ( ) )) ( )(something like this).
2) There are some basic questions of C. You can easily output them. I don?t remembered exactly the programs but they are quite bit easy as the previous section.

6) Comprehension:
There is a passage of 2-3 pages long. They give you 15 minutes for reading & 10 minutes for questions-Answering.
My Passege was on fetures of USB drive:
1)What is USB.
2) what are the component associated with it.
3) what are the advantage/ disadvantage of using USB.
4) Internal structure of USB.etc.

7) E-Mail writing: I am manager of Reader Digest company which is used to publishing the Magazines every month. One of your customer who is with you for many years, not purchasing your magazines before 6 month. Write an E-mail to know the reason whats the problem exactly & force him to read your magazines. E-mail should be in 50-100 words long.

Technical Interview:
I got selected in written test but not in technical interview. They are taking technical interview of about one & half hour. One of the girl has her technical interview of about two & half hour.

Firstly they are asking about your project. So be prepared with your projects. Then they are emphasis on C programming. Be prepared with the structure programming. They are giving you to write a program of using structure, union and to find the size of the structure like:

Struct str
int a;
int *b
float c;
char d;
char *d;

int ui;
char uc;


calculate the size of the structure?

There are so many programmes which they can given to you. They are also asking the programs of FILE pointer and performing some manipulation on it. Storage classes, Difference between Macro & functions, What are Macro etc. After that they are asking from data structure like array manipulations, Linked list programs etc. After that they are asking from networking like Start from OSI reference model and goes into depth of the model like they are asking about the practical approach of TCP & UDP protocols. List of protocols at each & every layer of the OSI refrence Model.. Working of each protocol. What are the algorithm used at each layer etc.