Company: Aricent Group


There Are Three Major Part


There were 4 sections in all: analytical section , accuracy to data, choice b/w c/c++ and Java and Data structures.

For analytical section one can go through r.s. Aggarwal, that is sufficient no questions like time n work etc were asked), accuracy to data dat section was v easy and it was just an eye wash some figures are given like 33345673333 ,den there were 4 options and u have to see how many of the four match dis digit….c section was ok,

Some question were v simple, around 5-7 were tough, Data structures was quite simple no codes were given , there were simple questions about stacks, queues, Link list, n around 4-5 questions on complexities of different sorting etc….do remember data time constraint is deer, for c ,data structure n accuracy to data time was sufficient , but for the first section it was less for me.

Then after the written result was announced in around 2 hrs, in my batch 400 were dere n 100 were called 4 interview ,so by dis ratio around 600 must have been called for interview from 2300.

Then the person took us to another room for GD..and he left , n 2 HR’s were dere 2 take our GD, we were given a paper on wich Mid day Meal wich the govt provides in schools for poor children was described. Comparison of cooked and uncooked food was da main theme …then we were given around 10 min 2 read it, n den our gd began ,all da time we were debating on whether cooked food was better or uncooked…dere were some guys in da group of 10 , who were not giving oders chance to speak ,da HR asked dem 2 let everybody speak,gd went 4 20 minutes , n den we were asked 2 conclude one by one…some favoured cooked food n some packed food. but i was da only one who favoured both,i said dat govt can include both kinds ,but wat needs to be looked is dat some minimum standards are set for the food,as cooked food can be unhygienic while even packed food have date of expiry,
I dint know whether i was rite or wrong , but i said wat i felt .

The hr’s were noting our marks frm time to time, i was speaking only wen my turn came …so guys dont fight in gd’s as HR’s note each n everything.

Den after the gd,we were called one by one for the interview, ere were many ppl taking interview ,around 5-7 ,so our turn came quickly,,
i was asked to sit on sofa , n den after 10 min , an HR came to take me wid him.i went inside a big hall n dere were around 3-4 more hr’s who were taking interview of different candidates

I was having cough , so as soon as i sat he asked me 2 have water, i confidently poured water in a glass n drank it n said thanks.i put my handbag on the floor and file in my lap, GUYS, NEVER KEEP THE FILE OR BAG ON THE TABLE ,REMEMBER ITS DERE TABLE NOT OUR..

Then to make me comfortable he asked me to tell something about me…i answered…

Then straightaway he started with the technical round. first he asked about s/w enginering–wat is spiral model??wat are different type of testing,wat is validation…fortunately i knew all da answers

He asked about the phases of SDLC,den moved to c,he asked me dat wat shud he ask in c…i said anything sir.then he asked me to write the prototype of switch-case, n asked many questions related to it,use of break, default, continue etc., he also asked me the output of few questions in c

Then asked to write a string program , asked about static function ,also asked me to write a program 2 implement queue , i wrote but was stuck in de middle, but den i said sir i can explain the logic,he said ok , den i explained…

He was satisfied,den he asked data communication n netwoking ,he first asked about the layers of osi model ,den protocals in each layer , also about some protocals, den he asked about packet switching ,circuit switching , sliding window protocal,

Then asked me is anything left??i smiled n said sir OS as its my favourite subject, den he asked questions on windows , critical section , semaphores,how 2 implement dem?wat is a thread…..the interview went for around 45 min , den he said ok…n i thoUght now i m through wid my interview,but den he said …i have just taken half of the interview …i smiled back ,it was the time for HR round…

I always knew dat i will perform gud in dis round ,so now i became v relaxed-he asked many questions like , wat have u learned working in da team ,wat are the problems faced while working in a team , he was also referring to my scenario filled form n asking questions, how come u knw about Aricent??he said dat in companies most of the guys drink and smoke , will u b having any problems??n he came 2 knw dat i have always studied wid gals frm nursery , so he asked how will u work with boys.he asked me about relocation , expected salary,

My expectations from the company ,and grilled me on many questions..but i was quite confident n always answered wid interview went for 1:15 min ,he also asked me if i had any questions , i asked many questions like sir wat is ur profile,wat do aricent expect frm me, if i get selected den wat will be the next step…he answered to all my questions v nicely