Company: Aricent Group

I am thankfull to placementpapers for providing this portal for the people like us and to all my those friends who had posted their experience through this portal.

I have given Aricent written exam in December, 2012 and found their procedure lengthy but easy. Actually paper was taken by meritrac.

Meritrac had taken 5 papers.

Those were:

1. Analytical ability
2. Attention to detail
3. DS
4. C/C++/Java
5. Critical Incidence
And Result was declared after 5 Days and I found myself in for interview and start reading the above languages. After gap of 1 day we have the interview in Gurgaon Office of Aricent.
On that very day.

There were 2 interview:

1. Technical interview cum HR interview
2. Group Interaction

Technical interview:

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself?
Me: Told about me

Interviewer: Asked me to write fibonnaci program?
Me: Done that program and explained each and every thing to him regarding the code.

Interviewer: Asked me regarding my project.
Me: Explained each and everything clearly to him.

Interviewer: Asked question from DS covering linked list and sorting?
Me: Told and explained.

Interviewer: Asked sql queries?
Me: Told and explained.

Interviewer: Asked question from Operating System?
Me: I explained.

Interviewer: Asked question from software ?
Me: I explained.

Interviewer: Asked do you have any question?
Me: Sir what type of the work we have to do in amdocs?

Interviewer: Told all for around 5 minutes.
Then Starts Group Interation:
Topic given to us was media insenstive and other one given to other group was social networking.
Got the result after 3 days and got the mail regarding selection and after another 6 days got the mail regarding Offer Letter regarding joining in January, 2011 with annual package of 3.5 lakh.
Wishes you all best of luck.

See you at Aricent
Well Wisher.