Company: Aricent Technologies Holdings Ltd

Aricent written was above average.

Paper was consists of 4 section. Every sections has time limit.

1) Reasoning: Which include Syllogism, Statement conclusion, Figure Series, coding decoding etc not so tough part but need concentration.

2) Attention to detail: Like 4 no. look like Same you have to find different 1, criteria fulfillement very simple part no need of preparation.

3) Datastructure: This was tough part so properly go through linklist stack and queue don’t forget to do complexities 1 questions was what we do in post order.

4) C: This part was also a bit tough because all in all questions output was asked so go throgh questions Exploring in C’s question. Question were mainly from pointers (with array and string specially). I found shortage of time in this section it was of 40 min.

After 2 day i got the mail that I cleared the written and thankfully i got 2 days from interview. On the day of interview. I went through GD our hour was very cool he gave instructions and gave us a script and said to read it find the topic. Our GD was for 4 min.

Than immediatly after it interview from this if you are CSE student than you need to go through
C, Datastructure, OS, Computer network.

My questions were from Data structure, C, OS

1) Programs: Reversal of linklist, factorial, traversing of tree.

2) From array like
int array[10];

What is the output of arr++? Ans Its is not possible because C cent do bound checking so cent change base address thn next question was what is bound checking
Ans is 20 etc

3) What is the different between page and frame?
Semapore? Mutex? Memory sharing

My interview was from about 50 min. My suggestion is if you don’t know ans straight away say no and be confident.

And if it’s your day no buddy can stop. Belive in GOD and yourself.