Company: Aricent Group

Hi Friends

Hi, I am Ram Prabhakar K from K.L.N.C.E, Madurai. Aricent came to our college for an campus on 2009 and I attended it and got selected. Hereby i’ve given details of it.

Regarding Aricent, Its a global innovation, technology and service company focused exclusively on communications. Aricent is a strategic supplier to world’s leading application, infrastructure and service providers with operations in 19 countries worldwide.

There are totally 3 sections: Aps, GD, interview.

Aptitude: (1hr 45 mins)
There are 4 sections: 2 deal with logical reasoning and mental ability, 1- C or C++ or Java, 1- Data Structures.

Logical (25 qns 25 mins) and mental ability section (20 qns 20 mins):
they asked questions like data interpretation, and some other..
they asked 2 qns like: if all cats are mouse, all mouse are not dogs (these sort)
5 qns on word encoding and decoding.
5-7 qns on figure series.
10 qns on substituting different symbols and solving given sum: like replace +by-,-by*,*by/,/by+ in 5+9/86-9*….
10 qns on data interpretation like: they’ll give data regarding statistics of swimming and cycling in a school and ask you to find out who all knows both and none… qns will be complicated in this part and will be time consuming….
as for as I remember qns were not that tough, can solve with some logical reasoning…..

In C or C++ or Java section (30 qns 40 mins):
I opted for C, better choose C which will be easier comparing to other….
You better go through LET US C throughly, b’coz 10-15 of the qns came out from that only…
they concentrated much part in pointers with strings, memory operation with pointers… better get through with pointers…
download “200 objective type questions in C and C++” from, b’coz some seem to came from that also…
some qns were tough and some were easier to solve…

Data Structure section (20 qns 20 mins):
they asked logic (i.e) algorithms rather than problems, better know every concept in it for stack(fifo), q, list(lifo), tree…
this section was bit (no, no really tough) tough…
they asked 2 qns on time complexity, which was as expected as always…..
study DS well, which will be useful for interview also…
there was 3 qns on binary search tree…..
3 qns on linked list….

beware, there will be sectional cut-off.. in which you’ve to score minimal cut off in every section…..

There was no questions in quantative aptitude, so don’t waste your time in it…

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