Company: Aricent Group

Hi friends,

This is Siva, attended Aricent interview on 15-feb-2012. The selection procedure is Cut off: 75% in B-Tech

1.Online Written test

Sectional cutoff is present. Written is the major elimination round. In my case out of 600 only 60 are taken out from the written

Pattern: 4 sections

SEC 1: English (25 Ques – 25 min) — Meanings, opposites, Passages, sentence ordering etc.
SEC 2: Aptitude (25 Ques – 35 min) — logarithms, work, distance, discount, profit & loss, Interests etc.
SEC 3: Programming (25 Ques – 25 min) — C and Data structures
SEC 4: Logical (25 Ques – 35 min) — Passages, coding, blood relations etc.

2) Group discussion

Candidates can relax here. No elimination in this round.

3) Technical round

This is really tough for candidates from ECE & EEE. because we have to write the code for data structures problems.
My questions are :

a) Write the code for inserting a node in singly linked list including 3 cases of inserting in first, last, middle?

b) What is difference between Binary tree & Binary search tree?

c) Write code for inserting a node in Binary search tree?

d) What is meant by scheduling and why we need it in OS?

e) What is OSI layer protocol (each layer functionality) and why we are not using it now?

f) Why is meant by pipelining and how it is working?

g) What is the mechanism that increasing todays computer performance with respect to CO?

h) What are the process models you know?

i) Compare Raid model with water fall model in SE?

I answered all because prepared for GATE exam. only 20 are shortlisted out of 40.

4) HR Round

Really my HR is not so cool. He conducted me stress interview.

He didn’t asked any common question which we already prepare like tell me about yourself.

He gave me two solution less problems and asked me to solve and give to him at least 10 solutions

for each.I understand he is testing my patience and logical ability, so I put my best to solve them.

He didn’t said anything positive and gave negative postures.

After listening my approach, he said “its okay and you can go now”.

So they take three days to give result. finally they has selected 12 out of 20. With god grace i am one of them.

Good luck guys, see you there in Aricent 🙂