Company: Aricent Group

Hi friends,I attended Aricent test. But unfortunately I didn’t crack it. So I decided to share the test pattern with you. As in Indiabix, the written test consists of 4 sections:

1.General Aptitude (30 questions,30 mins)
2.Presence of Mind(20 questions,20 mins)
3.Data Structures and Algorithms(20 questions,20 mins)
3.C/C++/Java(30 questions,30 mins)
No negative marks.

1. General Aptitude

I had prepared well for this section,so I did well.But there was one time consuming problem,so did guess work. It was my second aptitude test,after giving SHREDS Kerala’s pre-screening test. Even though I cleared pre-screening aptitude, I was not satisfied,so prepared for it. If you are good in aptitude,then no need of any preparations at all.Be careful and do fast,because they will not give exact 30 mins. Before that they will tell u 5 mins. more(there may be 10 mins. still), just for putting pressure.

2. Presence of Mind

You don’t need any sort of practice.This is to check how careful you are.
for eg:Q.Find the correct match aaaabbbbccdd

1)aaabbbbbbcccd 2)aaaabbbcccdd

So,this was damn easy.Completed on time.

3. Data Structures and Algorithms

Be thorough with all sorting techniques, searching, linked list, trees and all. Also, be sure about the various analysis,passes required etc. Also, they will give a few lines of a program and you have to mark which one is correct. This was also good.

4. C/C++/Java Program.

You will be asked to fill a form prior to the written test and in that u will be marking your choice.I took C++,but about 80% of the candidates took C.And in my hall,none took Java.

The boy who sat very next to me took C and he was selected too.But the first 10-15 questions were tough and based on pointers. Many lost time thinking about those.Coming to my C++,it was like a 20-20 match…because,i am not good in C,and the only thing i know a bit is C++. But i didn’t prepared at all for it,because this placement drive was in between my university exams.And,the time i got, was devoted for aptitude and DS.

In C++,be thorough with all important concepts like constructors, destructors, inheritance etc.

I was damn sure that I will not be shortlisted for next round,as there were individual cutoff for each section(i lost it in C++).All tests were over by 2 pm…and the long wait for results started.They were announcing results,as they evaluate each set of OMR sheets.In the first section of valuation,about 25 were selected for next round.Then second section results were out by 6pm…about 50 were selected.

Next round was GD,followed by Technical and HR interviews,on the same day(or night :D) itself.

All the best friends !!