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Hi Friends

I am shailesh and final semester student of MCA. I appeared in Aricent wriiten exam ..but i was not selected..I have some question those were asked

Verbal ability…(15 questions)
Fill in the blanks with the help of prepositions..(5 question)
Fill in the blanks with the help of articles (2 questions)
Synom(3 question) like quantum,elegant..etc…
Comprehension(5 questions)
this section was very easy…so score high in this section..

Numerical ability… (15 questions)
Set theory -3 questions..
Reasoning question(2 questions) like she is the sister of my fathers’mother’s son. who is she..?
and some question based on cube..

Mental ability …(10 questions)
that was one of the easiest section ..but should also score high

Data Structure & OS(20)
what are the conditions for deadlock…
data structures …,order of bublle sort etc…

C Questions(20)
what is the highest order
&& || !

what will be the output
int ch=0;
case 0 : ch++;
case 1 : ch++;
default: ch++;

so please prepare seriously and take the exam seriously.


I am going to share my recent experience with Aricent. I hope it will help you to prepare for the Off Campuses. The written test was held on 25-Feb (sunday), it was an invitation based selection process.

Written Exam
It has 7 sections. Each section has 10/15/20 questions and the time given is 1 min per question. So be carefull.

1) Simple English (prepositions, verbs etc.) : you can easily clear this section if u have general idea about english grammer. You can follow any english book if u have problem like new style etc.

2) Reasoning : this section has reasoning questions based on puzzles, seating arrangements, cubes puzzles etc. R.s Agarwal is sufficient

3) Quntitative : it has ques like sets using venn diagrams, time and work etc.R.s agarwal is sufficient here again.

4) DS and OS : It is the most difficult section as I feel. It has 20 ques and and 20 mins duration. DS was tough and you should be well prepared with trees, graphs and sorting (with programs). there was prog with 1-2 pages to find output or error. 1 question from UNIX also.

5)C/C++ : next section is of C or C++ programming. they will ask u to have one lang. C paper is full of pointers and strings, arrays and other questions. Prefer Exploring c and pointers in c to solve. I opted for C.

6) This section is unseen pessage. Not very tough English but the questions are confusing. you should read the pessage at least twice. I got 15 mins to read it and thereafter given ques based on it with duration of 10 min for 10 ques.

7) the last section is E-mail writing. They assigned a problem specification and you have 5 mins to write email. try to write it in professional way using proper grammer puntuation and English.
I have given that a regular customer of a store wants to exchange the costume after 5 days but the store rules says it should be exchanged within 3 days. So how can u deny for xchange ?

They declared the result after 1 hour and I have cleared the Written exam.
Nitin Goel