Company: Aricent Group

Hai Friends

I want to tell u the pattern of Aricent company.

The written paper has 7 sections namely:
1. verbal 10ques
2. mental ability 10ques
3. analytical 10ques
4. DS,OS,algorithm 20 ques
5. C or C++ 20ques
6. comprehension
7. E-mail Writing

Verbal Section contains the fill in blanks type English questions, easy to solve.

Mental Ability consists maths questions like a cube is divided into 64 parts & 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th layers r painted blue, green, yellow, blue respectively. find no. cubes which is 2 side yellow painted, etc.
a+b*c/g-e here a+b=a is brother of b
a*b=a is father of b

question on blood relations. must have the basic knowledge of DS & C, otherwise it is difficult job to clear the test.

C section has:
Extern int i;
wht value is stored in the memory
a. 0
b. garbage
c. -565875
d. error

Written test is the elimination round, ut of 1100 student appeared only 46 had shortlisted for next round.

In Technical round they asked abt C, digital, CN, project which i have made in final sem, be confident on wht u r saying Final in HR round they took around 1 hour for each student & finally 15 students are selected.

so best of luck guys