Company: Aricent Group

Aricent Paper on 6 & 7th September 2010.

BMS College Of Engineering, Bangalore.

(Criteria: current 70%)

Hi Friends, this is Swapnil Kumar (MCA , BMSIT).

I have attended Aricent paper on 6th and 7th september at BMS College, Bangalore. It was a pleasent experience.

They begin with a nice AV, where some of the employees have shared their experience. Please note down few points which you like about them, they gonna ask you in interview that what you would like to do in Aricent.

Then there was a test of 1 hour 45 min (conducted by Merit Trac):

1. Analytical Ability (30 Questions/20 min): It was easy(no work time on maths)

2. Reasoning (20 Questions/15 min): All from R.S.Aggarwal(practice well)

3. Data Structure (20 Questions/30 min): Only basics, searching, sorting, tree, Linked list.

4. C or C++ or Java (30 Ques/40 min): I opted for C (all from C by Y. kanetkar)

They shorlisted 96 out of 500 candidates.
In aricent there is no elimination after this so all were going to give PI. Firstly we filled two three forms about choice of work, family members, personal details and so on.

Then there was a CI(critical incidence) form where they gave 7 Questions and we need to write our experience like.

1. Describe a incidence where you have worked in group.

2. Tell about any event where you didn’t have prior knowledge about it and then you learned and solved it.

3. Any incidence where your original idea was forced to be rejected or changed.

4. Any recent event where people didnt have any prior knowledge and you help them to understand it. It was easy, but please remember that they gonna ask you about this in PI. So don’t write any bullshit! or false things here. They can catch you in a second. so be TRUE, be yourself. Then there was a GI(group interview) of about 30 min;

1. They divide the whole group(approx 12 people) in two parts.

2. They give a document for both the parts of people to read.

3. One part has things in favour of topic and another have against it.

4. They give about 10 min to read and then you need discuss about them.

Stick to the material provided to you, don’t put you own knowledge in it.

Be with your group, always support idea of your part of people.

All these marks will be counted finally, so give your best.

Don’t quarrel, Don’t Argue and have patience to listen other.

Lastly, there was PI(Personel interview) on 7th of september:

We were called at 10am but as i was the 93rd person to be interviewed my turn came in evening 5.30 pm. It was a tough wait (7 hr 30 min), watching people coming and going. So friends have patience, don’t show this fatigue during PI.

My technical was cool, he only called me from waiting room.

The PI went like.

I: Good evening sir.

T: Good eve.. pls have a seat.

I: Thank you sir.

T: So you are swapnil kumar.

I: yes sir.

T: Well, Swapnil tell me about yourself

I: told.

T: Why MCA, why not BE.

I: Told.

T: Which type of work you like to do.

I: Sir in morning i saw your company AV, one of the employee was talking about managing time by himself, i liked that and so on.

Askd about family background and to explain all the answers from CI. Then he gave two series of numbers, i need to find the missing no.

0 5 3 8 17 __ 37 48 61 and one more i was bit confused with first but then controlled myself and went on to do second and i did it successfly.

He lookd happy with it.

T: that’s write.

Then he gave three different progrms, i have to predict the output. All from Pointers in C (Y. kanetkar), i did all correctly.

T: have you read microprocessor…

I: yes sir, it was in 3rd semester, i know 8085.

T: what is that.

I: Its a computer on chip, its 8 bit and have 40 pins.

T: whats the power supply for it.

I was in dilemma as i was not sure about it, i kept on saying volt

Watt, power in low voice (its loud thinking) then i said 1.5 or 5.

T: Ok leave it, Can you draw a half adder.

I: I’m not sure about it sir, i read it in 1st semester let me try.

T: Go ahead(I remembered kareena kapoor saying Go vivid!)

I drawn an Xor, he asked to draw a truth table, he was telling at a rapid rate like bombardment. One after the other i did that.

T: Ok so have you read software architecture.

I: no sir, its in current semester.

T: Fine, do you know abt OSI.

I: yes sir, its Open system Intrconnection by ISO.

T: Draw a diagram for it.

I: I did it in 3rd semester but i can have a try.

I drawn it successfully, again keep saying as doing(loud thinking).

He asked about various protocol used at all level, i managed rapid fire

T: What is machine address.
I: (thinking a bit)we have logical address like IP and physical address which is machine address.

T: ya whats that?

I: (Suddenly i remebered) its MAC sir.

T: good.

I: Thank you sir.

T: what is ARP,RARP,TCP,UDP..IP? (bombarding all together)

I took it easily and explain one by one.

T: what is Hub, repeater, transceiver, adapter?

Again i started easily and before i finish, he stopped me.

T: Well, tell me about stacks, queues and Linked list.

Told the principle of all.

T: Good!, now can you define OS (i remembered 3 idiots..dfntn kya h?)

I: I don’t remember the exact definition, but i can tell you in general.

T: Ok.

Given a vivid idea about OS.

T: what is http, dhcp.

I: told.

T: Ok Swapnil can you send the other guy name inside.

I: Sure sir.

And i came out with a smile, it finished at 6.15pm.

The result came at 8.40 (2 hour wait), they took 61 out of 96.

I was impatiently hearing the names. It was like a india match, where we need a boundary to win and Swapnil kumar MCA. i won.

Thanks to all my friends and family for their love and support!

And thanks to all, whose experience helped me. thank you!

Can contact me through email, mention Aricent in subject.

Email: [email protected]