Company: Aricent Group

ty:(30mins 30 questions)
C/C++/DS: (20 questions 30 mins)

There was sectional cut off for each.They displayed the result within half an hour.

They provided you with a unique number and a form.You have two fill up the forms.
There were questions like —
1)Mention a situation where you have done a team work.
2)Mention a situation where you have acted indifferently,
3)Mention a situation where you have done something innovative.
4)Mention a situation where you have taken a tough decision.etc etc

Just after the form filling we were called for the GD.They have divided us in groups of 10 member each.

Topic was allowed to be chosen by us.We choose “SHOULD THERE BE A CHANGE IN EDUCATION SYSTEM IN INDIA”

Just be confident and speak at least three- four times.

The interview was very good.They have taken interview for more than 30 mins to each student.

Mine was for around 45 mins.The have asked from ALL THE SUBJECTS(atleast 2 qsns) that you have studied in engg.The questions were:

1)Reverse a number using pointer.
2)Multiply a number by 2.(Ans:n<<=1) 3)Linked list Implementation of a queue. 4)Various algos like merge sort,quick sort,heap sort. 4)What is OS,Semaphore,its types and implementation,resource mgmt,process mgmt,Round Robin. 5)Multiplexer,Adder,Decoder.(Simple uses only) 6)Software Engineering.(Prepare it well guys.She asked me many questions in it) Various phases and outputs of each phase,models,testing techniques(BLACK & WHITE BOX). 7)Micro Processor: what is 32 bit mp? adress bus and data bus. ,WAP to add three numbers in Assembly language,8086 structure(BUI & EU). 8)Simple questions on Networking.(OSI and TCP model) Examples of Transport Layer,TCP-UDP(difference). EVERY time I gave a answer she acted as if it was wrong and made the question more complicated by giving some constraints.But be confident whatever you say.Actually they test you whether you can work under pressure and also able to explain whatever you are saying.However I was confident and was able to give almost 85% answers. Then she started talking to me regarding the topics that were given to us in Form filling. She asked me a bad time of mine.I explained. I was in a doubt whether its an HR or a technical round.hehe 🙂 Then she asked me to arrange gold and silver coins that are present in two bowls in such a way that if anyone takes a coin it is to be a gold coin.[there were 50 gold and 100 silver coins] Again she asked me.. suppose I am in a situation where my team members dont like me.. how will i Handle it? And some of such questions which you can easily answer.Just be confident and always have a smile in your face. HR: Guys I was not called for HR round again.Rest of my friends had this round. Finally at 10pm we were called for the announcement of results.By Gods grace I was one of the 151 students who got placed in the Ist Campus interview of our college.All the best guys.