Company: Aricent Group

1 round is the wriitten test

There are 4 papers in it.

a. Resoning- use rs aggrwal more then enough.. syllolism,puzzles…figure analysis ect.

b. Attention to details- very simplee jus to detect the pattern.. no practice.

c. Datastructures-go through DS focus on complexities and the basic datastructures like stack,queue,heap ect..there wil be some codes also..u need to detect the right one..time will be less.. so practice well.. i use RS salaria/

d. c/c++/java- was a tough one..i choose java..i m a java certified programmer…still i found the paper nt too easyy… C programming was also at a good practice well..for java use kathysierra and for C use yashwant kanetkar test your c skills.
This ia an elimination round with sectional cutoff.

After this they will make u write some questions…known as critical incident form consisting of questions like.. if in situation u dnt have any pre knwlg how will u succeed…

2 Round:

After clearing first this round.. you will have a group discussion round.. in ehich they will give u the topic n the material…jus use that material to speak..dnt add. anything..u jus need to say one n it will be done…easy round.
This is an non elimination round.

3. Now the interview time

Subjects u shoud study
a. networks – i used frouzan
b. operating system
c. concepts of database
d. concepts of software engg, and your programming languagee..whichever/

and thats confident..All the best guys!